Welcoming Autumn in Banggood Style!

Hey There Fellas! How you doin’? Hope to find you all in great spirits! Have you checked the weather lately? It seems like the Autumn has arrived full strength! Temperatures went down and not just by a notch, it’s getting really cold, really fast! Thank god for me I can count on some cool stores […]

December Favs | Beanie Maniac

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Everything alright since yesterday? That’s right, I said it on yesterday’s post and I intend to keep my saying – I’ll post everyday this week, and hopefully this month! And there’s a simple explanation for that – It’s Our Birthday! That’s right, this month, more precisely on the 12th I […]

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal!

Hello Fellas! How you doin?! Hope you’ve had a lovely week! I feel like this one has gone through quite fast actually!And this mean only two things! First of all – Hello Weekend! And secondly, Christmas is closer!!!! And speaking of it, have you checked Rosegal’s Christmas deals already?! They have everything you need for […]