Review Time || I want more gadgets

Hello Fellas, how’s everything going? Hope to find you great spirits!!! AS you might have noticed for the title I’m reviewing a couple of things today, plus I’m adding some more items I’d like to get in a near future. If you remember my last post I made a wishlist on some Banggood items that […]

Unboxing with Banggood!

Hey there fellas! How you doing? Hope to find you all in great spirits! I thought I’d be more active here since I was enjoying my vacay mode, but apparently I needed some serious rest so, sorry but I couldn’t make it… I’ve been posting a lot on IG tho, I hope you all are […]

my swimwear collection '17

Ohh dear lord, thank god my computer is back! I have this post ready to upload for two weeks now! Unfortunately my computer bailed on me and I had to sent it to a doctor to be fixed and reseted, it is back and so am I! I’m so happy that none of my work […]

august fav's

Este deve ser o mês que mais me custou selecionar favoritos, não porque não os tenha ou porque a tarefa seja difícil, mas porque de certa forma não quero admitir que o tão esperado agosto já se foi! Um ano inteiro à espera deste mês e ele passa a voar, como se nada fosse, deixando […]