bye bye summer || all about blue

Hello Fellas! How you doing? Hope to find you in great spirits! Have you noticed the weather forecast? We are being hit by a cool wave, I guess autumn is here! Or should I say we’re having winter coming early? Also, am I the only one having trouble figuring what to wear because it has […]

Meet Yoins!

Hello Fellas! How you doin? I must say this week has been crazy hell… I’ll apologize first handed for posting only once! Hopefully next week everything will be back to normal! I’ll try and spend the entire Sunday scheduling everything! But enough with chit chat, I’ll leave that to a Perks post (not sure if […]

OOTD | Farewell Summer

Because the summer is almost at its end I decided to put together an outfit that is the best thing for those times when you have to leave the house on a sunny day but you’re not quite sure what you’re up to… So you can either end on a picnic by the ocean, drinking […]