bye bye summer || all about blue

Hello Fellas! How you doing? Hope to find you in great spirits! Have you noticed the weather forecast? We are being hit by a cool wave, I guess autumn is here! Or should I say we’re having winter coming early? Also, am I the only one having trouble figuring what to wear because it has […]

Photography comes to life with Saal Digital!

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope to find you all in good spirits! I recon you guys already realized what this post’s all about! That’s right, do you remember Saal Digital? A year ago if I’m not mistaken, they gave men the opportunity to make this wonderful gift for my sister’s birthday! This year they […]

Story Time | Reilliza

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Welcome to the new series! I’m not gonna elongate to much but I want to give you a little heads up on what this is all about! Very simple actually, on Story Time I will interview some fellow bloggers! I want to get to know people a bit better and […]