Banggood Wishlist | Kicking Off the Cold Season

Hello Fellas! How you doin’? Hope to find you all in great spirits! That’s right, you may have notice for the title I should make this a series! Another day, another wishlist! This time brought to you by the one and only,very famous around here, BANGGOOD! (Noticed that I’ve been using caps lock lately? I feel so enthusiastic, ohh my god! This is my third post this week, it has been a while!! And I’m already working on the ones for next week! My Oh My, the excitement!

But lets be serious, i’m not here to talk to you about how I’m trying to be more organized! Not at all, I’me here to tell you, similarly to yesterday, that there’s a huge sale coming your way! That is right, I told you yesterday about the GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL and it is happening guys! Big discounts, plenty on coupons, and the high will be next Sunday on the 11.11!

So like I said yesterday, grab you pencil and your paper, it’s time! exercise those fingers and get ready, gather everything you need and SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! Obviously I have already chosen some things, which I might not even order because i’m on a tight budget this year, saving for Christmas… But I guarantee you i will get at least one item from today’s wishlist, and i’m not telling you which one! You’ll have to stay tuned and see!

And now,without further ado, you know what to do! Click that Read More Button and check out the news!

Rosegal Whishlist | It’s almost Christmas Time

Hey there fellas! How you doing? Hope to find you all in great spirits! You probably got it from the title what we are talking about today, that’s right – Rosegal! And most importantly, the GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL! But let me just tune you in! Do you happen to know what time is it? Did you noticed what time of the year we’re at? That is right! The halconeen is done and gone and we have just kicked off November and the cold season! And you guys know what that mean, it’s officially Christmas season!

There’s only 7 weeks left till Christmas so grab your lists, do your budgets and lets roll because we’re about to enter the WishList times! And just to start the best way possible I want to give you guys a little something, just by reading this you got yourself 25% OFF With Coupon: RGBF1 !!!

And why is there no better way to open this then with Rosegal your asking? Because that cupon above is just a tiny piece of the cake! This GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL thing it’s A-MAZING! You need to check it out! You have discounts all over the website and some go beyond 70%! You have sales! You have clearances! It’s crazy out there so don’t miss out! You even have free shipping, I mean, common, what are you waiting for?

I decided to pick some things, and although I’m not gonna order all of them I wanted to show it to you guys anyways so… you know the deal, click that Read More button and lets ride along, come check what I chose!

It’s Banggood’s Anniversary!

Hey there  Fellas! How you doin? I hope to find you all in great spirits! And I hope you don’t get mad at me for putting up another post regarding the same store… Thing is, I had this amazing news about lost of promotions that are out, but I didn’t want to elongate my wishlist too much… So sorry, but here we go again!

They don’t need introductions as I told you about them a lot already, even tried their products and they are really good! And that’s mainly the reason why I’m doing this because it’s really worth it! It’s amazing that they already have great prices all the year, but lower it down on their anniversary, how awesome is that! I’ll show you guys some of the main features of this huge upcoming sales and obviously, I will be doing a wishlist myself because I might get a couple of things shipped!

Their anniversary is on the 12th of september but the promotion period goes from the 5th to the 7th so hurry up, not much left!

They have 600 pieces to deliver for free, literally, you buy, they pay!

The entire range of discounts will meet 1 200 000$, the prices on these promotions start at less of 1$ and the discounts go 50% up!

I chose 5 categories to show you guys that I think will be out this autumn winter! So, you know the deal, click that Read More button and ride along!

Banggood Wishlist | Online Sales

Hello Fellas, how you doin? I hope you’re all having fun out there! Whether you’re already holidaying or still at work, you make sure you take the best out of your time! I’m sure you all noticed the season we’re at, and most definitely have been doing some shopping already! It’s sales time, one of my favorite seasons because I always get to fin the best deals! And I myself have been to the mall, but I’ll leave that to another time! Right now I’m here to talk to you about some bargains I found online. Yes, because there’s sales online too!

And I’m sure all of you already know this place, but still I’d like to present to you a selection of goodies from Bangood I’d love to get for this summer! I’ll do this differently this time, so if your curious to know about my pics and my new way of doing wishlist’s, go ahead! You know the deal! Click that Read More button and ride along!