Tag – Blogger Recognition Award

This past couple of months have been crazy! Crazy happy and crazy hell… You know me, life as passion fruit is always at its limits, either too low or too high, there’s no in between! But problems apart, I wanna talk to you about one happy thing that has always been here with me and that I’m finally starting to grow – writing, or the be more precise – blogging. I am not yet where I wanted to be regarding this place but I’m happy to what I’ve accomplished already, and although it has been quite frustrating this last years (to build up the entire blog from scratch) I managed not to give up! As I said on my last tag I’ve become part of blogger groups and I’m very pleased to be able to help and be helped by others. Again, it’s not my first time on bloggers groups, but it’s the first time I get any sort of attention! When I’m in need, there’s always someone there to help, and obviously I always try to do the same with others, there’s no receiving without some giving! Due to this sort of interaction I had, once again, the privilege to be nominated for this tag/award and I couldn’t be happier because it feels really great to see our work appreciated by other bloggers! Therefore I wanna thank Crystal from CryssCrafts for taking the time to check my space and mostly for the love and recognition! You can check her story here, and to get to know mine a bit better just hit the Read More button!

Tag – The Versatile Blogger Award

This is my first Tag ever so lets get personal (spoiler alert, there’ll be another one this week)! As you might know from other times I spoke to you here and in other social media I’m now part of many Facebook Blogger groups. But here’s the thing, I was part of many groups before, but this time, couple of months ago, I found two new groups that are different, groups that really pay attention to your blogger needs, groups that really care for what you say, groups filled with people that are always ready to help! And that’s where I found out about this tag and also where I got the pleasure to be nominated! Therefore, I wanna thank Cristiana Ribeiro from the blog Cristiana Lifestyle for recognizing me and my blog content as worthy of this award! Thanks girl! Now click the Read More button to know the rules, seven facts about me and also, my nominees!