Welcoming Autumn in Banggood Style!

Hey There Fellas! How you doin’? Hope to find you all in great spirits! Have you checked the weather lately? It seems like the Autumn has arrived full strength! Temperatures went down and not just by a notch, it’s getting really cold, really fast! Thank god for me I can count on some cool stores to have me prepared for this temperatures!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have already I’ve been buzzing around a lot with my latest blogger mail,  was excited since the day I ordered it and nothing kills me more than the waiting! You see something you love and that looks so cozy that you want to have it almost like instantaneously! But that’s not how things work and we know it… And since we are talking about shipping times, let me tell you Banggood actually has a good one, it’s not like you wait ages and ages for your things to be delivered or your payments to be checked. You know I love trying new online stores, I mean, I’m always showing you different ones here, so trust me when I say you’re not going to wait a long time for your items!

But enough with the chit chat, I’me here to give you my honest opinion about what I got and show you some really cool shots I get to take when putting together an outfit for this sweater! So I guess you know the deal, just click that Read More button and lets do this!

bye bye summer || all about blue

Hello Fellas! How you doing? Hope to find you in great spirits! Have you noticed the weather forecast? We are being hit by a cool wave, I guess autumn is here! Or should I say we’re having winter coming early? Also, am I the only one having trouble figuring what to wear because it has been such a drastic climate change…

You know, I love living in Europe, and I can say more, I love living in Portugal, weather wise at least. Because we used to have such defined seasons… We used to have high temperatures during summer perfect for holidaying. Then it would cool down a notch just for you to start getting used to long sleeves and socks, the perfect transition to fur jackets and a snowy winter. Well, yes, some places here in Portugal are lucky enough to get snow during christmas. You’d then welcome the new year and just a few months later Easter comes with spring and the sun warming everything. Can you imagine a better place to live? Well, unfortunately like in every other place in the world we too have been struggling with climate change… We now have summer going all the way into October with temperatures above 30º and instead of watching the leaves falling slowly we have a drastic cut in temperature watching it drop to 12º in a blink of an eye…

OOTD | Visiting Guimarães Castle

Hello Fellas! How you doin’?! Welcome back to my space! And welcome back to another OOTD! I promised you I’d try to be more active in this category and here I am! As you might know, or not, I studied in Guimarães for three years! That’s also the place where I met the love of my life, who is still there studying. And because of that I get to go there a couple of times a month to be with him, and to finally visit some places! Yes, because I thought I’d have the time to spend on going around and meet every single place and I didn’t! So finally, after three years, I had the chance to go to the biggest monument of Guimarães, Portugal’s crib, the Castle! Obviously I took this time and the amazing place to photograph an outfit for you guys! It’s finally sweater weather! Summer came to last this year, but November made it to an end! The cold is here and strong! And this year I am appreciating this to create cute looks with my new items I bought for fall! There are still a coupleof things I wanted to add to my wardrobe, but I’ getting there! And due to my new job I can now only have proper looks on Saturdays and Sundays… Luckily bae was into it and took this amazing photos of me! I also took some more artistic ones, some landscape ones that you can see on my photography page HERE! You know the deal! Hit that Read More button and come check the entire outfit!

OOTD | First Proper Fall Look

Hello Fellas! I bet you’ve been missing my personal fashion posts so I decided to bring you back the category OOTD! Here’s the thing, imma be straight honest with you, I recently started a new work that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with fashion… I work from 2pm to 11pm, so I haven’t had much time neither to photograph, or to edit! But, I remembered I did this little improvised shoot by the first day off fall, which I already posted about on IG (go show it some love) and it’s time I show you all about it! Also, if you follow me on IG you’ve probably already noticed this year’s summer has been elongated, which I’m not truly happy with. I mean, I love summer and hot days, but what I loved the most about my country was the fact that we had all four seasons properly divided! Too hot, too cold and two mid seasons! This time of the year I should already be tacking out my wool sweaters out of the closet, and guess what, they’re still there! And the worst thing is, I’ve been shopping for fall, and am still wearing summer clothes! It’s bloody november tomorrow! what the heck is happening to the weather! I feel like I should make a global warming post cause this situation is getting unbearable.. I can’t quite believe that just two weeks ago my entire country was on fire, because a month gone through fall and the high temperature was still 30ºC… Ohh well… This isn’t what this post is about to, so click the Read More button and come check what I picked for my first proper fall outfit!