Story Time | Tudo e Coisa Nenhuma

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Welcome to another Story Time! Without Further ado, meet Ana and her unique blog! As usual, let’s read her story and get to know her!

So, in 2016 I did an Internship at an Health Centre. Of course I knew nothing about what I was going to do, about the place, the people that I was going to work with, nothing. In my first weeks I had a lot to read (a lot!) and had a lot of meetings with my coordinator. On a Wednesday afternoon my coordinator told me I should go to the conference room to get to know the people with whom I was going to work in some school projects (like sexual education projects for example).

So I went there and there where like twenty people filing the room and all of them had a white scrub… and me, with my sweat and jeans. I found that a bit odd but I thought to myself “this is the only conference room, so It must be here”. And then someone started talking “Thank you all for joining us at this asthma class”….. Yup that was the wrong place for me to be and of course that I had to leave to go to my actual meeting and of course that everybody looked at me and I had to apologize in front of all of them.

Story Time | Reilliza

Story Time | Reilliza

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Welcome to the new series! I’m not gonna elongate to much but I want to give you a little heads up on what this is all about! Very simple actually, on Story Time I will interview some fellow bloggers! I want to get to know people a bit better and their places! And I want to share that with my audience! But here is the catch! To enter this interview my gals need to tell me and the world a funny story about them! So without further ado, meet Petra! The very first to enter this game! Lets read her story! And get to know her!

My story is about my first partnership with an online store, because of my blog. I always dreamed of working in the world of blogs, but I never thought that some day my work would be recognized. When my blog was only two months old I received a proposal of a fashion store, where I could choose some itens, in the amount of 20 dollars. The funny part is that I was so excited to receive those things that I took days until I could choose something! I was so amazed that I could not decide. In the end, I made lists and search for hours and hours until I made up my mind!