Unboxing with Banggood!

Hey there fellas! How you doing? Hope to find you all in great spirits! I thought I’d be more active here since I was enjoying my vacay mode, but apparently I needed some serious rest so, sorry but I couldn’t make it… I’ve been posting a lot on IG tho, I hope you all are […]

Weekend Off With Primark Bargain!

  Hey there fellas! How you doing? Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! For those who are lucky enough to be on vacation, enjoy yourselves! Of for the rest who like me are still at work, keep your energies high, vacation will come eventually! You shall not worry 😉 And speaking of being […]

Banggood Wishlist | Online Sales

Hello Fellas, how you doin? I hope you’re all having fun out there! Whether you’re already holidaying or still at work, you make sure you take the best out of your time! I’m sure you all noticed the season we’re at, and most definitely have been doing some shopping already! It’s sales time, one of […]