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Hello Guys! How are you? So, I just wanted to update you on a couple of items I got delivered from Femme Luxe. It has been a while since I got them and I must be honest with you, I wasn’t able to use them all on. Still, I want to share with you some pictures and my most honest opinion about what I got. So, without further ado, hit that read more button! 🙂

Off Shoulder Crop Top

This first item is actually really cute and confortable. Perfect crop top size; perfect fit; really well made off shoulder. And why am I saying this last one? Because it happened to me already, purchasing an off shoulder top that was too lose and kept on falling and showing things I didn’t want to. The only thing I regret, to be honest, is ordering a size S. I assume it fits the size, however, since I have been working out, it seems like my arms, and body in general, no longer fit perfect in all size S items. That being said, this is a 10 ou 10.

High Neck Crop Top

This next item is quite confortable when wearing, and also very cute, however, I do need to point ut some things I don’t love about it. For starters, the zip on the back. I know the metallic zipper gives it that extra touch, but I’d prefer having a plastic one. You see, this is a long sleeve top, so you will wear it when it is slightly cold. And guess what, having a metallic zipper rubbing against your skin is not that cool. The other thing that didn’t make me fall in love was the length. I feel like it could be a little bit longer. Again, it is a long sleeve and high neck. All the pieces of the garment are tightly attached to each other so whenever you raise your arms, all the top follows. Other than that, material feels quite good and the color is to die for!

High Waisted/Cropped Tracking Suit

This is, without a doubt, my favorite set! I have literally been wearing it non stop ever since I got it. It is super confortable and fits just perfect. the Ideal set to put on your gym bag and throw on after showering. Also very cute and fashionable just to go groceries shop at a Saturday morning. The material is very light so I wouldn’t recommend using it on the winter as it won’t keep you warm.

Belly Shower Dress

For this one, unfortunately, no pictures… Honestly, I am a bit sad about it as I don’t feel like this dress fits me what so ever. It’s not about the fitting per say because when I put it not it is not too tight or too loose. I just don’t like to see it on me. You can find the dress HERE, I received it in yellow btw.

And that is it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed!

Will be working on some new things, hopefully! I have some new ideas so lets see how it goes.

See you next time! xoxo, passionfruit

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