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Hey there fellas! How you doin’? As you might have noticed from the tittle I decided to share with you today my favorite free editing apps! Some of them I still use, some not really… But I can guarantee you I’ve used them before!

I will be including all sort of editing apps! This means some that you can use just to do some cool collages or stories for your IG! So… without further ado, click that Read More button!


I am going to start with my all time favorite! This is probably the app I use the most and probably daily! Right now I am running 4 Instagram accounts, two are personal and other two are business. So I do edit a lot! And although sometimes I just do something really quick, I often find myself spending over half an hour adjusting all the small bits of one photo. You have a free version available for your phone that can do miracles for you. A lot of free available presets and the opportunity to adjust luminosity, colors, grain, and more and more! If you are a beginner on this, I would recommend you to just try the “AUTO” fix and then an available present. Little by little start handling the exposure yourself, and then adjust the whites, and the blacks.You’ll fall in love with it. Also, a cool thing about this app is that you can see before and after of the image. One important tip, put your phones brightness on maximum when editing! This way you’ll get a better perception of colors and hues.


Ohh yes, another bestie of mine! If you don’t know Canva already, you should! It is absolutely amazing and I do tons with it! From the covers to my blog posts, to posts for some of my IG accounts, to headers for newsletters! They really have it all and you get a lot from the free version! Besides being able to choose from a big variety of already made templates, they give you suggestions and presets for all kind of things – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts; Youtube Thumbnails; Blog Covers; Work Presentations; CV’s; and so on, and so on! Also, inside each preset you get to choose to use your own images or theirs! That’s right, they have a free base of photographies and elements you can add. This is also available online, personally I stooped using the app and only use it online now.

Canva Stories

And because they have so many features on one place, they decided to create a single app dedicated solely to IG stories. I find it amazing! Once again you can choose from an enormous variety of templates and play with the colors, backgrounds, elements! You can add text and sticker to your images. And in the end, best part is, you can choose to save your story still or animated! Isn’t that amazing!


This is a very basic editing app where you can also edit videos. I used to use it a lot to keep my previous feed tidy since I used horizontal and vertical images instead of the plain squares. So what I used to do was import my photos to this app and add a white background that would make them square or vertical. Cool feature is that they have crop measures ready for Ig and other apps, so basically you just put your photo there and choose if you want standard square ig photo, vertical ig photo, the size of IGTV and it just makes it automatically. In videos is also cool because you can make montages and play with the videos speed! Best part, for a free app, when editing videos you can separate the sound of the actual video from the image, eliminate it and insert different audio.


PicsArt is more of a fun app! So i must admit I only used it to test it out. They have a lot of cool features that you can add to your photos such as mirror effects, outlines, grains, stickers… Some people use the sky as a background when taking a picture and then add lightnings; some people add rainbows! I used it mainly to highlight some images to post on the stories and it was all about outlining. I feel like my feed is a bit too serious for it, but overall it is a really good app and offer a good range of options in free account.


This is the app I used to use for Instagram stories before finding about Canva Stories. It is pretty similar, although slightly limited on the free package. You get some layout options but not that much. And once in a while they launch some limited edition presets, some you can keep in your favorites, others don’t. I remember back in 2018 they launched a “Year in Review” storyline that was really cute and I did use it to make a recap on my IG stories. Must also admit that ever since I found out about Canva Stories and some hacks I sort of deleted it from my phone.

Blend Editor

Blend Editor is a little bit like PicsArt, fun, but not as intuitive… When I first downloaded it, it took me a while to get how things worked and to properly edit something. Again, this is one of those apps I hear about, test and don’t end up using because it is too much fun for my feed. What it does is it lets you choose some cool backgrounds such as starry nights and forests and you can blend those in one of your pictures, so suddenly your face is only contour and on the inside there are starts! Again, really cool for a free app, but like unfold, ended up deleted from my workspace.


Before discovering Lightroom this was my jam! I remember back in the day when I started using IG everyone was using VSCO, there was even an hashtag for photos edited in there! Some of you might not know but this app was actually a social media. So basically you would take your photos, upload them and then you could actually share them like you do on IG. You know, the same way you have some editing filters on IG, the difference was VSCO was way ahead when it comes to quality of filters and allowances of editing. Still, people prefered to, in the end, share the final results on IG because it was more in!

That is it guys! I hope you enjoyed it! I would like to let you know that all these apps have payed packages, which I have never used because I never felt like I needed. Also, I have encountered plenty other apps during my infinite searches on the App Store but from all the ones I tested I feel like these are the best.

One more thing, if you have an iPhone, please consider using the phone’s edits as well! I find them very intuitive and practical for quick edits! Not gonna lie, I use them a lot! Since the last update you can now pick a filter and then retouch way more than just contrast, saturation and exposure. You can lay with brightness, highlights, shadows, warmth, grain, it is pretty cool so give it a try!

And, lastly, needless to say that the ones I am most uin at the moment are Lightroom, the Iphone edit and Canva, the entire range!

I will be back soon so stay tuned!

xoxo, passion fruit

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