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Hello Fellas, how you doin’? That’s right, I am back at it and I wanted to share with you one more Hit and Miss from some gifts I have received! So, FemmeLuxe sent out some pieces for me to try on, I don’t know if you heard of them, they are a clothing store based in the UK.

I must admit I was a bit surprised by the contact because from what I have seen from their IG page I wasn’t exactly the kind of body they advertise. Still, got very excited about the idea of testing out some new clothes and show you guys!

One tiny note, I was a bit sick and the weather here in portugal has been a bit crazy so excuse the photos… I promise I will be sharing some better bits on my IG soon, so stay tuned!

Ola – An Oversized Sweater

Ola - An oversized Sweater

Let me just start by saying I asked everything in size S, which fits ok! But, the thing is, my style now consists on wearing longer things so I was a bit shocked when I first tried on all the dresses.

Also, just a curiosity, I am actually wearing this dress as I am writing this post ahaha And I must say right away, it feels good! First thing I want to mention is the quality of the pieces, overall very good, it is not sheer and the finishing’s look on point!

Secondly, let’s talk of how truthful the pictures on the website are. I hate it when you receive something a lot different from what you ordered, not in this case, color is as shown, fit is as shown, so basically, this one is a big hit!

You are interested, you can buy it here, they have 3 colors available.

Reggie – A Shirt kind of Dress

Reggie - a Shirt kind of Dress

Alright, this one here is another big Hit! The quality is incredible! I was actually expecting it to be thin but it is totally the opposite! Made out of a rigid material, still soft and with a great fit!

Only thing I’m not fan is how long the belt gets, but then again, it is exactly as show in the picture of the website so I should be expecting it.

Also, as you can see from my pictures it is super short, so if you are the kind of girl that doesn’t feel comfortable with this sort of length, you should consider sizing up.

Almost forgot, I love how it is all made of snaps instead of buttons, it makes my life so much easier!

You can buy it here, they have 4 available colors for this one!

Esmelia – High Neck Bodycon Dress

Esmelia - High Neck Bodycon Dress

Ok, I must admit right away this was a bit of a miss for me. First of all, the size, I think that even for a small it shouldn’t be that little. Secondly for the material quality. Although it is very soft and has a really good feel against the body, it is very sheer.

Also, I was a bit disappointed with the neckline, was expecting it to be higher, larger, and with that sort of hugging feeling, ended up with a small neck that is a bit tight.

Overall, it is not bad, again, finishing’s are good and it is as shown in the picture, but I must consider it a miss.

You can buy it here, they had 3 available colors.

Theo – A Hooded Sporty Dress

Theo - A Hooded Sporty Dress

Once again, truthful to the description! You can play around with the belt and put it wherever you want which is very cool!

Although I must admit I was expecting something a bit more thick, I am happy with what came through. My only wish was that the hoodie was a bit bigger because I love hoodies but feel like my head gets a little suffocated when I put this one on.

You can buy it here, they have 3 colors available.

Karsyn – A Spanish Polka Dot Dress

Karsyn - A Spanish Polka Dot Dress

I let this one for the end because it is my absolute favorite! I am 100% completely in love with this dress and I can’t actually wait to take it on a night out or a fancy date dinner.

Quality is incredible, it might be white but it is fully lined so no sheerness what so ever! Length on this one is actually great, middle of the leg, good coverage so perfect for me.

It was a winner just for being a polka dot dress, but the fact that it has that spanish touch to it with the roushing and te frills really makes my day!

All together, it is a perfect fit, with the invisible zipper on the back to help you get in and keep everything on its place.

You can buy it here, they have it available in two colors.

Overall I am very pleased with what I got! And to be honest I can’t actually wait to try on different product from them. For this first time I only asked them to send dresses because I wanted to test quality and it’s always easier to fix a dress, whether you put on a lining or make it into a shirt.

Next time I really want to up the game and try on some new stuff. I’ve been looking at a couple of things, leaving the links below so you can give me you opinion!


Corset Dress

Black Lace Body Suit


See you in a bit!

xoxo, Passion Fruit

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