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Hello there fellas! Not sure if you missed me at all, but if you did, here I am! And let me tell you, 2019 was a real pain in the ass, in every single way possible he could.

Still, I managed to write a little bit and gathered some thoughts for the future, I want to resurrect some categories from couple of years ago. I wanna get back on writing, I wanna get back on hauls and testing out things for you guys. Summing up, I wanna get back on creating some content, whatever it takes!

So to start up the year I’ll just leave the Top 3 most visited posts from last year, it’s always a good thing to take a look back in order to build and plan what’s ahead of us. And I enjoy your feedback so, if by any means you have some suggestion, just leave it below!

Nº3 – Get Casual With the Chinese New Year Sales

Chinese new year sales
Chinese new year sales
Chinese new year sales

I’m always very precise with my titles and this one was no different. I got you a small wishlist with some ideas for spring looks. Also, as always, I like to keep up to date to the sales that are going on and the discounts I can find both for you guys and for me.

You can re-read the entire post here!

Nº2 – Review Time | Sassy My Prom

Sassy My Prom Blouse review

I must admit I was very excited when I wrote this blog post. I had just received a couple of goodies to try out and I was actually in love with them all. The item I was reviewing here was just the blouse, the dress I got it from a different store. Yet, I am as happy today as I was then with the quality of this, both material and making wise. My pearls are still all in their place, not one has fallen or ripped of and I machine wash the blouse.

You can re-read the entire post here!

Nº1 – Cien – A Skin Kind of Love

A skin kind of love by Cien cosmetics

It was pretty obvious Cien was my absolute favorite brand for skincare by that time! And may I remind you this was back at the end of 2017 so… long time ago! I grew to continuously using Cien’s products, but less and less at each time. As of now, only three of my skincare products belong to their range as I have been trying some new stuff. Needless to say I use more products now then before, so it’s 3 out of 7 or something like it. This reminds me that I should do a new post about the products I am currently using, who knows…

You can re-read the entire post here!

That’s it for today folks! I hope you enjoyed it! I will start working on some new stuff and get back to you guys!

xoxo, passionfruit

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