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Hello Fellas, how’s everything going? Hope to find you great spirits!!! AS you might have noticed for the title I’m reviewing a couple of things today, plus I’m adding some more items I’d like to get in a near future.

If you remember my last post I made a wishlist on some Banggood items that I really wanted to try on! And guess what, they were kind enough to send me some. There’s one I had to buy for myself but I took a really great deal, plus a discount code that was on at the time and saved myself a good 50% on the original price!

Well, enough with the small talk, let’s get to business! Click that read more button and lets ride along!

All In One USB Adapter

So this was the first item I got and was really excited to show you guys! It’s really handy, especially for me and those of you who have one of those lovely laptops that come with no place to plug your sd cards. Mine actually as one sd card reader spot, but it’s for the smallest ones. And, having a big camera, I need an adapter to be able to read the cards.

I must confess I was a little skeptical when I first got the item because it was so light weighted I literally thought “how can this run and read if this weighs so little”. So I gave it a try and it works perfectly! As you can see by the image below you have four doors where you can plug all type of sd cards. if you want to get one for yourself just go here.

all in one usb adapter

2 in 1 Wide Angle and Macro Lens

Alright, for this one I’ll be strait honest and start by saying I am a little disappointed… I already have one similar lens to this one but I decided I’d give it a try simply because the way you mount it on your phone is different. And let’s put it out there right away, I prefer to use the clipping way than this one.

Design wise, this lens is cooler, but experience wise, well it has a lot of faults. For starters the wide angle doesn’t work that good, I don’t see much difference between a photo taken before and after the lens. And the worst part is, if you want to use only the macro, you can’t, because it won’t focus. So overall, I’m not very pleased… I’ll leave you the link here for you to check and get one if you’d like to try it yourselves.

2 in 1 lens

Bakeey M3c Smart Watch

Ok so as you might remind yourselves from any previous post I own an Iphone, but I’m not one of those crazy fans and so I don’t have everything related to apple. A lot of people have been using smart bands and smart watches and I myself had one MiBand couple of years ago. So because I got back at exercising, and my Mi is a little out of passe, I though I’d search for new options.

That’s when I found Bakeey, that promised a whole load of things and a better connection to an Iphone then Mi did. I read a lot of reviews and decided to give it a go. Well, I am sort of happy. It does indeed a lot of things and offers a lot of features. But it is not that oriented for IOS. For starters, the app only gives you access to half of the features. You get to control the health part but not the message part as they announce. Besides being able to see who is calling you on your band you can see who sent you a message and read part of it. And for those features I’m extremely impressed. Problem is, I bought it with the intent of using it as a fitness band, and guess what, does not read properly my sleeping hours, the other day it said I slept for 4 minutes. It doesn’t control steps that good which automatically interferes with calories and what so ever. Ohh, and almost forgot to mention, it has this great thing where you shake the bracelet to take a photo, but sometimes you shake it so hard you get a stupid face. And this only runs if you are using camera inside the app which means quality is diminished.

Overall it was a good purchase considering the price. But I wish there were more reviews that could help you really get what you’re getting. Or maybe I just didn’t got lucky and received a faulty device… Nevertheless, here is the link if you want to check it out and get one.

bakeey smart watch

This is what I got this time guys, I will be getting more fun stuff to try for sure in a short period of time as a new order has just been confirmed. In the meantime I’ve noticed they are leveling up their game on clothing items and some things are even on sale as we speak right now so I thought it’d be a good idea to leave you with some choices I would made if I was to shop for clothes here!

Casual Blouses

This is something that’s really on spot right now. Nothing says spring better than a loose, light weighted blouse. And apparently Banggood has loads of those at good prices, just take a look. The polka dot one is my absolute favorite!

Other options include 60% OFF, 58% OFF, 55% OFF, and way more over the website. There are also sale son trousers, all sorts of them, and they can go to 58% OFF as well!

There are also two more items that caught my eye. I’m not usually a lettering shirt kind of person but this one looked so cool! And it is at 55% OFF.

um t-shirt

Last, but not least, I found this dress really cute for a summery look! Best part, 68% OFF!

summer dress

And that is it for today guys! I will be seeing you guys very soon, I hope!

In the meantime, Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, Passion Fruit

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