Get Casual with the Chinese New Year Sales!

Hello fellas, how you doin’? Hope to find you all in great spirits and happy! Because, guess what, one more month till Spring hit us! I mean, it’s about time we start thinking about new outfits. More comfort, less weight.

With that being said, I can already tell you I’m working on a post to show you some news of my wardrobe. I’ll prepare some pictures of what I have already purchased for this next season during sales season! I couldn’t be more excited.

But let’s leave that for another time. And speaking of sale, I’m also on the looking to buy some things online. And I just heard about this thing called Chinese New Year Sales. Which basically means things are even cheaper than usual.

I’ll assemble a couple of items to show you what I would like to buy, so click the Read More button and let’s ride. Also, there’s a surprise after you open this, curtesy of Banggood!

First off all before getting into business I’d like to share with you a coupon of an Extra 15% Off on Bangood’s site! Hurry, it’s only available until the end of the month.

Now on to the list of things I’d like to buy. As always I’ve been challenged to add some things that have more to do with fashion. But to be honest I’m so into gadgets right now I think I’d like to test out some things. One particular item I’m really leaning to buy is a mystery box.

Heard all about it and really would love to order one. Most of the times you see youtubers unboxing things from ebay, but I gave it a look, and guess what, Banggood also has one! Definitely will be trying that.

Before moving to big image of items, lets me just tell you deals go from 50% off to 55% off, and can get even higher to 60% off and above! For some reason this winter I opted for a more casual look so expect to see that.


Just a casual long sleeved shirt with a linen feel that happens to be with 60% off.

Pretty cool asymmetrical shirt  with a sort of knot detail and also 60% off.

Very light floral printed long dress for those sunny yet cold days with 61% off.

One more casual look with a stripped blouse that has a linen feel to it – jackpot, 50% off.

A comfortable A line dress that adjusts to your body waist and that comes  with a discount of 50% off.

A floral strait dress that can be accessorized with some gold details and maybe a belt at 55% off.

A pair of Bluetooth earphones similar to apple’s earpods with a 13% discount.

An universal clip with 8 lenses for your phone at 29% off.

A type C charging dock with, unfortunately, no discount.

That is it for today guys, I hope you all enjoyed this.

I’ll be back soon with more things, and once I decide what to get, I’ll make sure I’ll show you everything.

xoxo, passionfruit

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