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Hey there fellas! How yoy doin’? Hope to find you all in great spirits! I’ve been wanting to do this post for so long right now but thing is, I have been waiting on my full order to be delivered. And some bits only arrived like last week so I haven’t done anything yet.

As you might have noticed from the title I wanted to do something a little bit different this time so I’m not gonna show you guys the full range of products I got. I’ll only post about the clothes because mainly that’s what matters for me the most as far as the Expectation vs Reality thing.

I will still talk about the rest of the products I got because I am very excited about some of them so I recon they deserve a word here but don’t expect pictures of everything below.

Also, speaking of pictures, I wanted to tell you it has been very hard for me to shoot whatever it is so I’m very sorry for the poor quality of what’s coming. I promise I’ll try and upgrade the contect a little bit as I still have some things I want to show you guys from last year! But lets leave that for another time. Right now, you know what to do, just click that Read More button and lets go!






I guess I’m going to start with a good one, this Leopard dress. Overall, I’ll tell you right away, it’s almost everything about dresses! I really liked this one ad unfortunatelly they only had it available on Large. Still i went for it and told them to send it over. It wasn’t on my original wishlist but I feel like it was a good choice.

Overall I’d rate this with a 9 out of 10. Color is the same, fabric feels good and light. But I feel like if I had the chance to order my size, it wouldn’t fit! Considering the length of the Large I can only imagine the Small would be a little bit too small…














Next item on the list was on my original wishlist and let me tell you it was a big miss… Unfortunately it doesn’t look much like online as you can see for yourselves. I feel like the only ting that is accurate here is the color of the dress. Length wise it comes a little bit too short. Material wise, well, let me just say I was expecting something a little bit similar. Online it looks like a fitted look, real life, it just hangs there on your body.

It isn’t very flattering and that is one of the reasons why I haven’t yet wore it out. Overall, I’d rate this a 3 out of 10. Besides everything, it still is a fitted dress that can be reworked somehow.















Next up it’s a more sporty look. First impression, it is quite cool, but, when you put it on you realize you can’t really wear the hoodie. It’s a bit more transparent than expected, meaning it’s thinner than I thought would be.

But, truth to be said, color is great, length is great. So overall I’d rate this a 7 out of 10. This because it is really look alike to what you see on the pictures.

I haven’t wore this one out yet.
















Next item I’ll talk about is a dress that was originally on the wishlist. Well, where should I start with this one… I could rate this a 10 because it is just like shown! Thing is, for some reason I don’t feel 100% when wearing it. I must admit it’s less see through than I was expecting which is a good thing! Color is great, black and white just like I love. And the touch is also a must, it’s a very soft material. Almost like you’re wearing a fury dress.

Fitted, cute and true to what they’re selling, so let’s rate this one a 9!













This next item wasn’t also on my original wishlist but it popped up when I was shopping and I absolutely fell in love for it.

Well, when I got i I must admit I was a bit dissapointed as it is a bit sheer… I love the fact that it is long sleeved tho! So I wear it with some fluffy sweater underneath. Or with a knitted long coat just to keep things from showing. Ohh and also, don’t forget the very black tights.

It is also a bit small on the top… I have large shoulders so I struggle a bit to get in.

Overall I’d rate this a 7 out of 10. Color is great and so is the length. Already took it out so it seems like I do enjoy it.












Alright, first things first, I was way to excited to get this dress when I ordered it! One more item that wasn’t originally on my wishlist but that I couldn’t resist when I saw it online.

Besides being black it has a florar print that’s really cute and some belt sleeves. First observation when I opened it, seemed a bit too long. Unfortunately it was actually a bit too long when I tried it on. But if you put on a belt you solve things right away.

It isn’t fitted but it wasn’t suppose to. It’s flowy sort of strait cut but with some curves. Bit oversized but I like it like that. Almost like you’re wearing a blouse.

Color is true to what you see online, and so is sizing. Overall, 9 out of 10!













And now, back to the products on the original wishlist! I’ll start by saying I ordered this baby on a size XL! This because it was the only size available and I really wanted a long polka dot dress!

Well, I’m not sorry for that you know? This because it has a zipper that helps you get in. Adjustable straps are also a thing on this one to help you shortening it. And the best part – POCKETS! This dress has pockets! How can you not love it now!

And, to be honest, I feel like if I had the chance to order a size S probably it would look to small. As in length, it wouldn’t reach my feet, I just know it. The XL makes that possible.

I’m really happy with this one and can’t wait for summer to kick in! Overall, I’d rate this a 9 out of 10. Man, I’m very nice today!














Last but not least, another item from the wishlist. Well, needless to say this one is a bit sheer and can’t be used as a dress.

I wore it out already with a big, long sweater on top. So you could only see the bottom. It’s also good to wear over some leather skinny trousers, it looks really good! Put on some heels and you’ll be fabulous! Why the heels? Because it is longer that expected. So if you just use snickers you’ll just look too petite.

Overall I’d rate this a 8 out of 10. Color is exactly the same. Fits perfectly. Looks like what they show you online. Only problem, that can be worked is the sheerness.






You might think that is it but the truth is I got a couple more things that I’ll talk about really quick. Things from the original wishlist, and things that just came up.

I got a headband, black with a flower print, it’s lovely, but a bit too small on the ear part so it doesn’t really hold my ears against my head. Bummer… Still, 8 out of 10.

Also got the Christmas Sweater! 5 out of 10. Was way to excited for this one and it turned out to be a disappointment. Material is a bit too thin… And letters came pink instead of white, almost like the color of the sweater faded into the letter.

Something that got me really happy was the Rudolph Socks. I was way too happy with those! They were just great! Wore them under some classic suit pants and rocked them! Definitely a 10 out of 10!

Still got credit to buy two shirts, a long sleeved one and a short sleeved. Short sleeved haven’t tried it yet, still to cold. But it looks cute so I’ll go ahead and say 8 out of 10. Long sleeved one, I’d say 7 out of 10. Although I knew it wasn’t going to be sweater material, wasn’t expecting to be so thin. Also, runs a bit short on my arms although it is my size. I guess it’s my shoulder problem. Color wise both look great!

Las but not least I got an Eye Shadow Pallete, another one! And this I shall rate a 10 ou of 10! I’m very happy with the amount of color you get on a swatch! And also how soft and good to mix they are.

And I guess that is it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed it, will be back soon!

xoxo, passionfruit


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