Welcoming Autumn in Banggood Style!

Hey There Fellas! How you doin’? Hope to find you all in great spirits! Have you checked the weather lately? It seems like the Autumn has arrived full strength! Temperatures went down and not just by a notch, it’s getting really cold, really fast! Thank god for me I can count on some cool stores to have me prepared for this temperatures!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have already I’ve been buzzing around a lot with my latest blogger mail,  was excited since the day I ordered it and nothing kills me more than the waiting! You see something you love and that looks so cozy that you want to have it almost like instantaneously! But that’s not how things work and we know it… And since we are talking about shipping times, let me tell you Banggood actually has a good one, it’s not like you wait ages and ages for your things to be delivered or your payments to be checked. You know I love trying new online stores, I mean, I’m always showing you different ones here, so trust me when I say you’re not going to wait a long time for your items!

But enough with the chit chat, I’me here to give you my honest opinion about what I got and show you some really cool shots I get to take when putting together an outfit for this sweater! So I guess you know the deal, just click that Read More button and lets do this!

I’ve already talked to you about shipping, it’s good, I’m not gonna say it’s super fast because it couldn’t be super fast as it comes from the oposite point of the globe I’m in. But overall it’s god, I’ve waited way longer for things that came from the same place!

Second point I find important, packaging! As I have already received things that were almost damaged. Not the case, at all! I know we’re talking about clothing, but still, I have done un unboxing of Banggood before and it’s always immaculately packed which is great because I’m not afraid of my things getting lost mid way.

Next thing i find very very important, accuracy in the product! We all hate it when we get something delivered that has nothing to do with what we saw online – again, not the case! The only complaint I have is for measurements, I should’ve ordered a bigger size but overall look, the sweater looks exactly like the photo online. It’s fury, fluffy, and even the color is equal. Needless to say i’m super happy with it!

Last, but definitely not least, something that is hand to hand with accuracy – fitting! I spoke of measures above but the only reason I feel like I should’ve ordered a bigger size is because I’d love to wear it as a dress, not because measures are wrong! Not at all! The sweater looks great when dressed and feels great as well, it’s really cozy. Honestly, it’s a must have for this weather!

Overall I must say I’m way more than happy with what I got, in any way possible! And if i get the chance I’ll order more in different colors because it’s really worth it! Ohh, almost forgot to mention the cherry on top for this one, it has a hoodie! I mean, if you haven’t fallen in love yet, just take a look at these pictures and I bet you’ll want to buy one right away!

Almost forgot, if you want one for yoself you can find it HERE!

That is it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed and I guess I’ll be seeing you soon, hopefully!

In the meantim, don’t forrget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, Passion Fruit

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