Testing Some Cool Canvas from SaalDigital

Hey there fellas! How you doin? Hope to find you all in great spirits! Missed me? I should stop making promises of my come back because I still haven’t been able to really come back at this 100%. I need to sort my agenda, and basically my life, but lets leave that to another time…

Today I’m here to talk with you about the A-Mazing Saal Digital! You guys might remember who I’m talking about because it’s not the first time I’m testing their products and lets start by saying they  surprise each time! On a positive note! I had the chance to test their albums before and now I got to receive some personalized Canvas! I’m in love! 

I said this before an I’ll keep on saying it, they are the best online service I ever used for this type of products and it’s so easy to work with them! They have this program that you need to install on your computer in order to design your things. When you open it all you need to do is choosing the product you’re going through with, it can be an album, a canvas or just a picture. When you open the product they give you a bunch of options in styles, materials, sizes, you get to choose what best suit you, and the best part? They already give you a feedback on how much it will cost without the shipping, so imagine you’re working on a budget!

After choosing every tiny detail you just need to upload your images and it’s literally done! You can work on the images inside the program, you can add texts, textures, borders, cartoons, there’s a bunch of customization you can play with. And they even display some cool templates if you need help with that too!

After this, all you need to do is proceed to check out, use the promotional code if you have one, pay for your order and voilá! It’s Done! One week later things will arrive at your house! How easier could this be? I mean, the whole process is a piece of cake and the multi functional and very easy going program they have developed for ordering is the cherry on top of it! Literally 10 out of 10! I don’t think I need to say this still but, totally recommend this service!

I’m very happy with what I got and I’m leaving you with some pictures so that you can take a look! I’m sorry for the quality, ha to take these with my phone camera instead of my regular camera as usual. Still, hope you enjoy it!

That is it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed it! Quick note, Saal is offering a 15€ gift card to test out their albums if you do an order over 25€, check it here!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, Passion Fruit

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