It’s Banggood’s Anniversary!

Hey there  Fellas! How you doin? I hope to find you all in great spirits! And I hope you don’t get mad at me for putting up another post regarding the same store… Thing is, I had this amazing news about lost of promotions that are out, but I didn’t want to elongate my wishlist too much… So sorry, but here we go again!

They don’t need introductions as I told you about them a lot already, even tried their products and they are really good! And that’s mainly the reason why I’m doing this because it’s really worth it! It’s amazing that they already have great prices all the year, but lower it down on their anniversary, how awesome is that! I’ll show you guys some of the main features of this huge upcoming sales and obviously, I will be doing a wishlist myself because I might get a couple of things shipped!

Their anniversary is on the 12th of september but the promotion period goes from the 5th to the 7th so hurry up, not much left!

They have 600 pieces to deliver for free, literally, you buy, they pay!

The entire range of discounts will meet 1 200 000$, the prices on these promotions start at less of 1$ and the discounts go 50% up!

I chose 5 categories to show you guys that I think will be out this autumn winter! So, you know the deal, click that Read More button and ride along!

1 Autumn Fashion

You’re getting up to 69% off on the Fall Fashion Collection! Check out this link –

Sizes go from S to 5XL so really getting it for all shapes, and also you’ll find multiple styles, everyone wins here!


You’re getting up to 40% off on some really cool cherrt prints! Check out this link –

You’ll find multi sizes on this category, also some lovely irregular hems, plain patches, all you an imagine to reinvent a cool look from the past!


You’re getting up to 60% off on some really cool distinctive patchworks! Check this link for an example –

As always you’ll find multiple sizes and multiple styles, you really get what you want and it might be hard not to find what you’re looking for!


You’re getting up to 50% off on this one! Check out this link –

Ohh my, I’m really glad asymmetrical and folk styles are back, I mean, can you imagine any better combination? A great pattern combined with an irregular hem, what more could I ask for this fall!

Flower Power

You’re getting up to 50% off on flower prints! Check out this link –

Alright, asymmetrical is cool but flower power is the real deal! I just can’t get tired of this, can you? Every year, every season, every month, BRING IT ON! I mean flowers are so delicate and they look great on a loose and confortable outfit, a statement that you can use literally whenever!

And that is it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this tiny selection and make sure you HURRY UP! There’s plenty more to see on the website!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, Passion Fruit

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