Unboxing with Banggood!

Hey there fellas! How you doing? Hope to find you all in great spirits! I thought I’d be more active here since I was enjoying my vacay mode, but apparently I needed some serious rest so, sorry but I couldn’t make it… I’ve been posting a lot on IG tho, I hope you all are following me there because it’s on fire! I’m posting everyday this september! Or at least I’ll try ahaha I should get myself one of those scheduling apps for IG. Well, enough with the chitchat, go follow me on IG, but follow me here as well! And with that said, lets get to business!

Remember that post I did by the beggining of last month, probably earlier, speaking of Banggood? Well, guess what, after advertising them here they were kind enough to send me a couple of items which I’m very grateful for! And I’m now revealing all about it for you guys! I got the chance to choose some favorites and to do that I used the Banggood App that’s really easy to use and browse through! I will start talking about the products right bellow, so you know the deal! Click that Read More button and ride along!

Well, I wanna start with something I was really looking forward to have! A Cover Holder! If you follow me on my socials you’ll know I’m all about fitness, although I haven’t been very active lately because of an injury. I really loved this holder because first of all, it makes my life so much easier! I can now go for my walks without having to hold my phone on my hand or wear a fannypack. Fun fact, this even comes with a pocket for your home key, so you literally have everything you need in one piece! Only thing I’m gutted with it’s the length, although I ordered the small size, my arm is so tiny it kind of slips a bit… Still a great thing to have for those sport lovers!

Next thing I got were some Filter Lens for my camera. They fit perfectly with my lens, and they do some filter effects but unfortunately, they kind of look all the same. It’s a three package by the way. I’ve been trying them on and I notice some diferences but not a lot of them, maybe I’m doing this wrong….

The list goes on,  another thing I got I really enjoyed was this Tools Kit for my hair. I had offered one like this to my sister because they’re really cool and super helpful so I was delighted to get one! The thin brush is great to dye your hair and split it to do some cool brades! The elastics are strong and reliable. And it comes with two ob those elastics that don’t damage your hair – awesome, I’m a fan of those. It also brings some cool hair gadgets which I’ve been using to try on wedding hairstyles, I might do a post on that!

Also got a Portable Container, my ohh my, what a great idea to keep your perfume on your purse! I was expecting a tinier one, but this one does the job just perfectly! It’s definitely a go!

This next item is probably one of the best inventions for those who wear glasses on a everyday term – Sunglasses Holder! God I’m in love with these babies! Just a tiny thread that matches my sunnies and it goes perfectly well with my look! Best part? When I need to pick my everyday glasses momentarily, I no longer need to hold my sunglasses, I just have to take them off my nose and let them hang on my chest, fashionably! Love! Love! Love!

Last, but not least, definitely my best gift for this summer, a Water Float! My lord, I was such a happy kiddo when I opened that! And when I used it for the first time? Even happier if that’s even possible! It is super cool! Petite, but definitely enough for me! I could go around a thousand words to demonstrate you how much I loved it and how fun and cool it is but I feel like one photo can speak for itself, so I’m leaving you with a couple!
And I guess that is it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you wanna buy any of the items I got for myself just click on the words and you’ll be redirected to their website!
All I have left to say is thank you Banggood for the goodies, it was a pleasure trying them on! I’m certainly using them on a daily basis! I loved it all! Thank you so much and I see you guys next time!
Ohh, and don’t forget, in the meantime, Stay Fashionable!
xoxo, Passion Fruit

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