Weekend Off With Primark Bargain!


Hey there fellas! How you doing? Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! For those who are lucky enough to be on vacation, enjoy yourselves! Of for the rest who like me are still at work, keep your energies high, vacation will come eventually! You shall not worry 😉
And speaking of being at work, you guys know I’m portuguese and lately temperatures have been almost unbearable, and if we have air conditioning during the week at the office, what do we do during the weekend? We go to the beach!

Well, i’m not going to write much, I just decided to share with you one of my last bargains from Primark! An addition to my holiday mood that I decided to try already! You know how every blogger for the past years has been showing off their inflatable flamingos and donuts? This year, apparently, the trend is Unicorns! But because I ain’t no trend groupie I bought a Tuscan and as Agnes sais “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die”!!!

Best part of Tuscan is, as I mentioned up there, it was a complete BARGAIN! I see people spending fortunes on their unicorns and flamingos, well I found this one for just 7€ – Thank you Primark, always a pleasure doing business with you! Not sure if it’s still available, but a place where you can also find find fun inflatables at great prices is LIDL, they have it starting at 10€ or something like that. Well, enough with the chitchat, I’ll leave you with some pictures of my weekend, a sort of pre summer vacation!

Tiny post note, the white bikini? Also a bargain, I bought it on Aliexpress because I wanted to try some products and it turned out better than expected. Being a designer and a lover of confort, I had to make some changes, but still worth it the money! It costed me around 5€.

And that is it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed! I’ll try and be back soon! In the meantime, on’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, PassionFruit

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