Make Up vs Glasses | Tips for everyday users

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope to find you well! Long time no seen right? I know you’re probably thinking I’m dead, well, I’m not, yet! And I’m taking this weekend to write down some posts, or at least try… So that this all will be scheduled and moving forward. I really miss you guys, but I haven’t managed my life enough to do everything I want at one time… And I keep promising you I’ll be back, and I want to, and it aches me not to… Imma be honest with you, I’m lacking some inspiration and it even been on my mind giving up blogging. But when I actually realized what I’d be loosing I just couldn’t handle it, I mean, it’s my dream to write useful information for people of everyday like myself, so here I am, trying to redime myself. I think I’m then changing a bit things here, so instead of just sharing personal information and outfits and hauls, I’ll try and do some magazine work with the blog. Giving you guys tips, hints and whatever you request for!

So here goes nothing! My first topic really touches me because it’s been ages since I suffer from this! Wearing make up whilst using glasses 24/7! Glasses are like props, so you gotta know how to use them PERFECTLY! And that my dears, involves what goes underneath them! So for al the ladies out there who, like me, like to sparkle a bit with some make up everyday and need those special props to live by, click that READ MORE button and ride along! I’ll be giving you some tips on how to make it and actually manage to have an healthy relationship between your big boys and you’re beauty plans!

So, the first thing I wanna say to all you lovely girls out there is – The bigger the frame, the more room you have to work with! That’s right, tiny slim frames are long gone, nowadays everyone buys those big large frames I myself have a quite big one! But this is not about me! Lets get to business and start out with some things that my help daily!

1. Under-Eye

Wearing glasses everyday tend to cast a shadow on the face, mainly under your eyes, that makes the natural discoloration of this part of your body seem even worse than it really is. So before going straight on with the concealer, start with a corrector that neutralizes any darkness. I suggest you use a yellow toned concealer after to counteract the shadow.

2. Eye Shadows

Well, when it comes to eye shadows keep it low and neutral! Wear bright shades because darker shadows make your eyes look sunken in and tired… Don’t forget to rule by your frame, if you have a bigger frame you have more space to play around, if the frame is smaller don’t go far or it’ll look a big mess… Earth tones are always a good option! And soft smokey eyes are always a go!

3. Eyeliner

One again, frames rule! When it’s time to line up the look let your frames be your guide! If you have a thin frame, then go for a thinner eyeliner, thicker eyeliner compliments thicker frames! One important rule here – TIGHT LINING! Because any spaces you leave between your lashes and your liner will be accentuated one you pop on your glasses!

4. Mascara

Alright girls te secret here is VOLUME! Use a volumizing mascara instead of a curling one! Because if you lengthen your lashes too much they’ll start touching your lenses and it won’t feel good! It’s like constant butterfly kisses every time you blink, imagine that… So now you know, go for that extra volume, and e sure to separate the lashes while they’re wet, because any clumps are only magnified with glasses… And if you’re one of those girls who adores her false lashes, don’t panic, just buy smaller ones with extra volume!

5. Eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrows you gotta remember one thing – your glasses frame your eyes, but your eyebrows frame your glasses! So look out and boost them! Brush your brow hairs upward and outward so your brows sit nicely above your frames.

Well, that’s it for today fellas! I hope you enjoyed this! And hopefully I could give some help with these small list of tips! If there’s anything you’d like to see here please feel free to comment bellow!

It was a pleasure, as always! In the meantime, don’t forget to stay Fashionable!

xoxo, Passion Fruit

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