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Hello Fellas! How you doin? Missed me? Well, guess what, I missed you too! I swear I’m trying my best to stay up to date and to get as many ideas as possible to come back strong! I’ve been writing down some things lately but haven’t had the time to put them here because, truth is, three months after I started my new job I still haven’t found a way to conciliate my entire life… I mean, I’m seeing my boyfriend two times a month sometimes and literally work about 8km apart from his university…. Weekends, I spend sorting everything at home and getting some quality time with family… And because it has been raining so much I haven’t even had the chance to do any sort of photoshoot or whatever… Well, I can’t promise anything but that I’ll try to figure out a way. I don’t want to leave this place, as I said, I have ideas, I just don’t seem to find the right time to put them to work…

Anyways, the sun is finally out! And I’m here today because in a conversation with someone related to Banggood they told me about the discounts going on on Focallure make up! They told me they have really cheap lipsticks and you guys know me! I love myself a good bargain! And I love even more to be able to share that with you so we all can enjoy! And that’s exactly what I’m doing here today! I’ve used Focallure’s make up before and if you remember I love their eye shadows! So I thought it’s be nice to put together a nice make up wihlist from them, staring Banggood as the supplier!

Now, it’s been a while, but you know the deal! Click that Read More Button and ride along!

Eye Shadow

As I said up there I’ve used Focallure’s make up before. I bought an eye shadow palette I literally use everyday! Even if it’s just only to blend my eyeliner! Yes, I blend my eyeliner because I do it with a pencil, I’m not a liquids kind of girl! And I always bend the pencil with a bit of eye shadow to give it a more natural look. Well, I was looking and it turns out they have the same palette I bough so I thought it would be a great first pick t for you guys!

Find it HERE!

Eye Lash Mascara

Next thing, still on eyes, I thought it’d be a nice idea to choose a mascara. And as I began searching I immediately notice this one because of the name! I mean, it says Bomb Lashes on it, I got super curious! I’m don’t own very big lashes, and I cant seem to understand false lashes, we just don’t relate, so I’m always up to try new mascaras that say they’ll give me the false lash look, naturally!

Find it HERE!


Next thing I went for was a piece of blush. Not my usual pick at all! I never use blush because I wear glasses everyday, so for some reason it just doesn’t suit me… But I feel like if I went for a peachy tone, or a more bronzed one, that might work, I could sort of blend it with my highlighter… I don’t know! I though I’d give it a go, just to try!

Find it HERE!


Well, you read what I said before, I couldn’t use my blush without a proper highlighter! And if you know me you’ll know I love myself a good highlighter! I’ve tried one from Focallure before and unfortunately wasn’t very satisfied… It was what it said it was, a rainbow highlighter, but way more pigmented than I was expecting… I now use it as eye shadows ahaha Well, for this pick I decided to go for a more neutral piece and choose one item you can find in only one color.

Find it HERE!


Last but not least, remember my introduction? Speaking of the cheap focallure lipsitck? Well, check this out! Instead of the usual neutral, faded tones, I decided to go for a metalic mate shiny mermaid piece! How lovely is this!

Find it HERE!

That is it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed this “hello”! I’ll try and be back soon, can’t promise, but I’ll try!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, PassionFruit

2 thoughts on “Focallure WishList with Banggood!

  1. Parabéns pelo site gostei muito. 😉

    • Cláudia Noversa

      Oi querida, Muito Obrigada!
      Um prazer ter-te por cá! Espero encontrar-te mais vezes!

      xoxo, PassionFruit

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