I Got a Deliver From ToSave!

I Got a Deliver From ToSave!

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you had a lovely week! Actually, hope you had a lovely month! Yes I know I have once again, been away for too long… New Splash, I had more issues with the blog, and my personal life… But I’m not gonna morn about it! Also, I’m not here to promise you anything because I got to a point in my life I can’t quite promise you guys I’ll be more active, and post regularly, and bring new content… Because the truth is, I don’t know if I can make it! I’m going through some changes in my life and I have found it a bit hard to manage everything…

And it’s not a matter of organization, it’s literally a matter of time… I’m making an effort, I’m posting today and I’m sure I’ll regularly post the entire next week as I have already created content for it, but this is not easy guys…

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I have already considered quitting… Anyways, today I wanna shoe you a couple of things I received from ToSave! Some of them I tried on and I admit they turned out pretty helpful! Some I haven’t yet had the time to properly test, unfortunately… Don’t know if you guys have any idea, but ToSave is an online website were you can literally buy anything! From really cool gadgets to the cutest accessories, and obviously, lets not forget about the really affordable clothing!
Well, I wrote too much already! You know the deal now, click that Read More button and come see what I got on y mail box!


I figured I’d start with the least common category I usually bring! So gadgets it is! I won’t elongate too much, don’t worry! For starters I went with the one item I haven’t tested out properly yet. This is sold out at the moment so… As you can imagine by the picture this is a tiny tiny camera! The display is just an ‘accessory’, it doesn’t actually show what you’re photographing, but it does take pictures! As you also might realize the quality isn’t the best as it has only 2MP and does not have a stabilizer… I actually don’t know what to say about this, it’s just a funny thing to have around and use as a key holder with the perk you can actually take pictures with it! Photography nerd over here, pardon me!

Smallest Mini Spy Camera Camcorder Video DV DVR Hidden Web Cam Recorder Cool

Moving on to another camera gadget, this little life savior tripod! It is a little smaller than what I was expecting but I must say it surprised me! For the positive! Small but efficient! It can hold my Canon! And although I bough the lightest Camera on the market (I made a research and a project about it), when you mount the lens it probably weighs the same any other camera. So hands up for this little one right here, it has served me well! I’m very happy so far!

I Got a Deliver From ToSave!

One more accessory I got for the camera was this little protector for that part where you connect the flash. I don’t use an external flash at the moment, but I figure I should keep the conector safe! So thumbs up for who ever thought about creating these, and thank you ToSave for hooking me up!

Hot Shoe Bubble Spirit Level Protector Cover for DSLR Camera Canon Nikon CA New

More Gadgets…

Also for the camera! I got this phone holder that attaches in the flash mount. Well, I must say I haven’t used this yet because I have not filmed anything… But I admit it might be very helpful because my camera display isn’t that fancy one you can turn to yourself, so if I use this gadget to put my phone or a mirror, at least I can see what I’m doing! Also, I wanted to find a way to connect the camera directly to my iPhone so I could really see what I was filming live, any ideas?

I Got a Deliver From ToSave!

Last item for the camera, I swear! I received a camera lens hood! God knows for how long I wanted this! So obviously I’m beyond happy! Haven’t had much opportunities to give it a go because it’s winter here and the sun hasn’t been out much.. And when it is, I’m in, working my ass off! Hopefully will be able to use it this weekend!

Camera Lens Hood Shade EW-63C EW63C for Canon EF-S 18-55mm/55-250mm STM New

Last gadget, still photography related, but this time for my iPhone! I also enjoyed wide photos, like panoramic ones, and I really enjoy capturing moments! But I don’t always have my camera with me… So I invested in a good phone, in order to have a good camera always on hand! And what better to go along with that than a couple of attachable lens to do some cool effects! I’m really excited with this, I got the fish eye wide angle lens kit!

I Got a Deliver From ToSave!


Along with the extreme amount of accessories I got for my camera, I also receive a couple for myself! I got two pair of earrings! A black pair and an aqua blue one! This type of earrings are actually my favorite at the moment! I don’t know why but I’ve been collecting! I like that they are simple in the front and then a bubble of happiness on the back! I love them! Two thumbs up for these! I’m very satisfied!

I Got a Deliver From ToSave!

I Got a Deliver From ToSave!



Last, but definitely not least! What would be of a fashion blogger if she didn’t receive a fashion gift? You’re right, nothing! Well, what were you thinking? I just enjoyed the blue dress from the banner? Well, I did love the photo, but the reason is because I loved the item ToSave got me! A body con dress with some lace details! The only aspect I have to point to this it’s the fact it’s a bit sheer… But I guess there’s a way to go around that because I really liked the piece! I mean, take a look on how I look with it! Modesty apart, it makes me feel powerful and hot!

Tiny note, I took this photos with the help of my wonderful mini tripod you saw above! As I said, life savior!

I Got a Deliver From ToSave!
I Got a Deliver From ToSave!
I Got a Deliver From ToSave!
And that is it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll try and be back soon! I have some things scheduled I think you’ll enjoy!
In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!
xoxo, Passion Fruit

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