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Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! So, as you might see from the tittle, I am launching a new category! Hurray! And it is called Review Time! I decided to create this one because I get some blogger mail delivered now, some stores have enough items for a haul, others I can just put together an outfit, and some cases, like this one, I get sent either only one item or just a things I can’t quite build any content beyond reviewing. Also, You know I love to share my most true honest opinion with you guys, and I have been doing it ever since I started the blog, so it makes more than perfect sense to have a category named after its purpose!

So, without further ado, we’ll start this new cronic with a store I already talked about here! Remember Sassy My Prom? I’ve done a wishlist here staring them where I put together two different outfits for prom ideas! After that they were very kind and sent me a gift! A sweater, a pair of earrings and a necklace! Today, I’ll show talk to you and show you only all about the sweater! But you can check my youtube channel, I’ll be uploading a video there where you can see everything in detail and listen to me giving one more honest opinion!

Now, lets get to business! Hit that Read More button and ride along!

Copyright - Cláudia Noversa

Thank You Sassy My Prom

I wanna start by saying thank you once again to Sassy My Prom! It has been an adventure growing this blog and it makes me so happy when brands want to work with me! I feel like my work is actually appreciated! And that’s the biggest joy one can get! Because lets face it, you know if I could I’d do this as a full time job – trying and sharing opinions! I love to get the opportunity to review products, and not only fashion items as this one, but also beauty products, gadgets, food, whatever, because what thrills me isn’t getting things for free.

No! Not at all! What keeps me doing this and having this project is the chance to tell you guys my most honest opinions on things! The chance to put some information out there that actually matter! The chance to tell the truth! That’s what’s most exciting for me about being a blogger!

Alright, I know I’m shitty chatting again… I can’t help it! I’m at a place in my life where things are starting to look good and as planned! So I’m happy! And obviously I wanna share that with you!

Actually Reviewing the Blouse

But back to the review thing! This sweater is amazing! Like honestly, it is really good in almost every aspect you can think of! And yes, I said almost, because there’s two things that concern me. But I will start for the beggining – Aesthetics. There’s not much to say about this because you can actually see it for yourself! The sweater is cute! But better than that, it is well sewed, proportional, and the pearls are evenly distributed so when you look at it, perfect!

Speaking of well sewed, lets talk about quality! This is also great! The sweater is really soft and feels good when in touch with the skin. Again, it is well sewed, no strings hanging. And the size is true to the fit. I’m usually a small, and this is a small, and looks wonderful when dressed! The color is also very good, you see, I have this thing with blacks that are mostly dark grey, not the case! Happy Kiddo!

And now, the concerns… Well, they’re both about the same thing – the pearls… Well, if you don’t wear anything underneath the sweater they feel cold on your skin. This is a bit of a controversy because I like the way the pearls are put on the sweater, they’re not glued nor sewed, they’re like tacks! So, it’s a win situation the fact the pearls are not glued nor sewed because being tacked kind of gives them a certain longevity… But I need to put something under because otherwise I’ll just keep having that col feeling symmetrically and evenly distributed through my boy! My second concern, and here comes another controversy, is, will the tacks survive the washing machine?

I wore the blouse once, to do the shooting and to go to work, but I haven’t yet ventured myself on figuring how I’m gonna do its laundry… Not sure If I risk the washing machine or just go handsy with it…. Help me out guys! Please!

Imma leave with some photos I took, there’s not much to see, it’s literally just me wearing a black pearled blouse! And if you want to get your own just go HERE!

Copyright - Cláudia Noversa
Copyright - Cláudia Noversa
Copyright - Cláudia Noversa
Copyright - Cláudia Noversa

I hope you enjoyed this! I really have been missing photographing cool stuff for you guys… But I’ve been getting a lot, and I mean a lot!, of blogger mail delivered so I’m trying to organize myself the best way possible to be able to shoot everything in like one day and schedule everything! I’m really really excited with some things that arrived and can’t wait to show you!

Just wait and see! In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!
xoxo, Passion Fruit

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