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Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’re having a lovely week so far! Today I bring you a new cronic – Get the Look! Has the name suggests I’ll be trying to get some celebrities look through out some affordable stores! For the first episode of this series I chose Rihanna because she has presented two looks this month that are different and irreverent, just like herself! And the store I chose to ‘buy’ the look is Yoins! You might remember this store from a previous post of mine where I put together a Yoins clothing full outfit!

I’ll present to you the two looks from Rihanna and those will be followed by similar clothes and accessories I found on Yoins store! So without further ado, you know the deal, click that Read More button and ride along!

Look Number 1 – January 28th

On this date Rihanna posted on her Instagram account this fiery look! She was wearing a floor length fur coat with flames and a white lace up corset. The picture isn’t clear but I believe she’s wearing white pants as well and some red boots! Lets see what we can find to match this look!


Yoins Choices

For starters I went with what I thought would be easier to find, the top! As I was browsing I found a lot of women’s cute crop tops but unfortunately none of them was sleeveless… I found this one tho I figured made most justice to the overall look!

White Off-The-Shoulder Plunging Criss-Cross Crop Top

For the bottom I chose some basic white pants just because you cant properly see what she’s got underneath…White Drawstring Waist Pockets Design Trousers

Well, as I expected, the hardest thing to find would be the fur coat, so I went with something different, within the concept, that I thought would look better…

White Fashion Long Sleeves Open Front Fur Outerwear

As far as accessorizing, it wasn’t easy as well, there are no red sunglasses available on the website and red shoes aren’t a big hit either, I found these tho…

Red Patent Leather Self-tie Pointed Toe Heels

Must admit I’m not very happy with how this look turned out and that’s mainly why I decided to to another one…


Look Number 1 – January 20th

On this date Rihanna was spotted leaving a China Tang restaurant in London wearing an Alexander McQueen men’s robe coat with ankle wrap black pumps!


Yoins Choices

To start I chose the robe she wore as a dress! And because you can see she obviously has something underneath it I browsed hot sexy lingerie for women! So the two main pieces I chose are the following!

Black Longline Duster Coat with Belt

Black Lace Details Strappy Hollow Design Sheer Eyelash Sexy Teddy

To finalize the look I chose the accessories, one black handbag and some black heels!

Black Snake Patten Shoulder Bag

Black Suede Pointed Toe Lace-up Stiletto Heels

And this is it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed it! Just a tiny note, if you click the pictures you’ll be redirected to the store so you can see the prices! Also, on the second look pay attention, there’s a direct link to the actual robe Rihanna is wearing, just click on ‘Alexander McQueen’ and you’ll be redirected to Farfetch’s site! Little heads up, the robe is sold out at the moment, but who knows, they might restock it!

Also, for more celebrity looks you can go HERE, it’s where I took Rihanna’s pictures from!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable! And I’ll see you next time!

xoxo, Passion Fruit

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