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Hello Fellas! How you doin? Welcome to another Story Time! Without Further ado, meet Ana and her unique blog! As usual, let’s read her story and get to know her!

So, in 2016 I did an Internship at an Health Centre. Of course I knew nothing about what I was going to do, about the place, the people that I was going to work with, nothing. In my first weeks I had a lot to read (a lot!) and had a lot of meetings with my coordinator. On a Wednesday afternoon my coordinator told me I should go to the conference room to get to know the people with whom I was going to work in some school projects (like sexual education projects for example).

So I went there and there where like twenty people filing the room and all of them had a white scrub… and me, with my sweat and jeans. I found that a bit odd but I thought to myself “this is the only conference room, so It must be here”. And then someone started talking “Thank you all for joining us at this asthma class”….. Yup that was the wrong place for me to be and of course that I had to leave to go to my actual meeting and of course that everybody looked at me and I had to apologize in front of all of them.

This is Ana! She’s 24 years old and currently an Intern!

Ana is the writer of Tudo e Coisa Nenhuma, and besides writing on her blog she also loves to read plenty of books, listen to some music, and watch some series and some cool cinema!

In order to get to know her a bit better I asked her some random questions, let’s see what she answered!

Tell me your Favorite Song! Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

Favorite Book? The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Favorite Food? Pasta

Coffee or Tea? Neither (It’s a bit sad actually)

Cold Seasons or Hot Seasons? Cold Seasons

Hand Write or Computer Type? Hand Write

Could you define your Fashion Style in Two Words? Casual and Comfy


After getting to know her a bit more it’s time to introduce her blogging career! So I made her some questions about her journey and the future she dreams ahead! Lets find out what she had to say!

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging six years ago. I had a blog where I wrote some personal stuff, adolescent stuff. Then I went to college and I eventually stop writing because there was so much to do all the time. Although from time to time I thought about start blogging again I never felt like it was the right time. And then it clicked. This past year I changed a lot and I started doing things that I wanted to do, I became more confident and optimistic, I stopped think about things and started doing them. And so I created this new blog that reflects the person I am today.


What’s your main focus/content? Has it always been this?

Now my main focus are my experiences, my goals, my thoughts, tips that I learn along the way… Is the reflection of the person I am today. Stronger, bolder, happier, ambitious, life lover, adventure seeker. It’s not a blog about fashion, or make-up, lifestyle, travel, food, it’s a bit of everything.

What can people expect when going to visit you blog?

People can find a variety of themes, mostly my random thoughts, and some chronicles like “Diary of a lazy person” or “Diary of an Intern”. I think it’s a really light blog and I hope that people can relate to it and have a good time reading what I write so spontaneously.


Did you know what blogging was or did you figured it out as you went by?

I think I’m still figuring it out actually. I learn something new every day.


Did you have any goals when you started blogging? Have you accomplished them so far? 

I tend to set small goals along the way. When I started it was just a place for me to write. No commitment. I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t created any Facebook page or Instagram account. But now that I take it more seriously, that it’s like a hobby that I’m committed to I tend to set small goals like the one that I have now that is “get to 5000 views”. Then will be “10.000” and so on. Nothing serious, it’s just for fun. 


What’s your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram. Because I love pictures and I follow a lot of talented people that post the most amazing pictures.


Have you ever re branded your blog? Do you plan to? Why?

The blog that I have now it’s pretty recent so I don’t think about it now, but in the future why not? If I feel like it’s the best to do then I will do it.


What has been your favorite experience about blogging so far?

My favorite experience has been other’s reaction to it, specially my family. They read it, and talk about it and really enjoy it. And in the past few days some of my friends have told me the same and it’s pretty cool since I didn’t even knew about it! So that’s pretty cool. Other thing that I really like is the bloggers interaction. We read each other’s blogs and comment on it, it’s such a good encouragement and such a good community. It was something that really surprised me.


Where do you see blogging taking you in the future? What are your main goals?

I tend to focus mainly in the present so this first question is so hard for me but my main goal now is just be able to maintain the blog constant, and continue posting while I’m in my internship, because both of them give a lot of work and I don’t like to write because I have to. I like to do it because I want to. In some days I write five or six posts and others I write none. So I hope I can keep it constant and active, that I can increase the interaction in my blogue, and create new content and interesting content for my followers.


 What/who has been or is your inspiration when blogging?

Everything is my inspiration. The people I’m with, the places where I go, music, an image. You can get inspiration from pretty much everything.


If you could pick two words to sum up your blogging journey what would they be?



If you could leave one advice for people who are just starting or trying to find the courage to start, what would it be?

I would tell them “be careful because it’s addictive” ahah. It is, but I would tell them just to be themselves, to write about what they like instead of writing about what they think that others what to read, because it’s a lot of work so you should do it with passion.


To finish up I’ll leave her links down bellow so you can follow this beauty in every social platform you can! I already did it so you better do it as well!

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I wanna leave a note to Ana before finishing the post! First of all, Thank you so Much for taking part of my project! I really enjoyed reading your interview and I’m sure my readers will too! This is so pleasant to me because it’s the second person I get to meet and another girl who I feel like I have much in common with! Has she said on her interview, this is what blogging is most surprising about, the interaction between us! Girl, you keep up with your good work! I wish you all the best! With your blog, and your life! I wish we could meet up one day! Best of Luck!

And that is it for today fellas! I’ll be back soon! Ohh, almost forgot! I’ll be featuring two bloggers per month on this new series! Every other week that’ll be an interview! If you want your way in, just email me! Lets talk! Lets collab!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable! And follow Ana!

xoxo, PassionFruit

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  1. Não conhecia. Fui já seguir. Também prefiro as estações mais frias.
    Um beijinho grande*
    Vinte e Muitos

  2. Ana

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! The final result is amazing! And I coulf be more proud**
    I loved this experience and I really enjoy the concept behind this project of yours.
    Keep up with good work!


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