Rosegal Wishlist | Valentine's Day

Rosegal Wishlist - Valentine's Day

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you had a lovely weekend, I myself had a full on work kind of weekend, but it’s okay! Because you get nowhere without work and I actually enjoy working for you guys! Once again, I apologize for not posting last friday, I had terrible head hakes Wednesday and Thursday like I said and unfortunately didn’t manage to finish this post… But enough with the chit chat, lets get to business! As you might have noticed I’m doing a wishlist today! Another one, I know! But I just enjoy wandering around the websites! And Rosegal challenged me to do one wishlist Valentine’s Day related! So obviously I said yes and here we are!

I thought it’d be a cool idea to stick with the outfit put together kind of wishlist and create something I’d wear on this Valentine’s day! Make up and accessories included! So without further ado, you know the deal! Click that Read More button and ride along!

Shoes & Bags

I decided I’d start for the bottom this time, just to build some thrill on the main piece of this outfit! As you can see for the banner they have a Rosegal valentines gifts 2018 page where you can find a bit of everything with a certain discount! So I went to check that out and found the perfect bag and the perfect pair of shoes for Valentine’s and to add that extra something to my outfit! First thing take a look at these Stiletto Heels with this Black and Red gradient! I’m in LOVE! And to go with that flow I picked this cute floral printed handbag in the same tones!

Online Stiletto Heel Pointed Toe Gradient Color Pumps

Find this HERE!

Cheap Floral Printed Handbag

Find this HERE!


Because the dress I chose has a lot of details, just like the shoes and the bag, I decided I’d go low profile with the accessories! I wasn’t even gonna pick any but as I was wandering through the Rosegal Valentines Gifts page I discovered this tiny necklace and thought it’d fit perfectly!

Shop Name Heartbeat Pendant Necklace110

Find this HERE!


Actual Clothing

For the main piece of this outfit I went quite simple with just one dress and one jacket! The dress caught my eye soon as I entered the dresses category! Don’t ask me why, I just happen to have this thing with polka dots an black! As much as I try and wear color, I always end up buying and choosing black pieces. What I love about this dress, besides the dots, is that it is long sleeved! I mean, it’s sheer, but long sleeved, and I don’t own many of these! I also fell in love with the fringes, I mean – how CUTE! To sum up the look went for a plain black jacket just to put on top. I know you’re thinking why so many black in Valentine’s Day but I said this once and I’ll repeat it – Black is my Happy Color! Plus, I always add a pop of brightness on my make up and my accessories!

Outfit Polka Dot High Waist Sheer Lace Dress

Find this HERE!

Shops Stylish Long Sleeves Solid Color Belt Hooded Trench Coat For Women

Find this HERE!


Make Up

Speaking of the devil, I normally don’t use this category when doing a put together outfit wishlist. But as I was wandering on the website I discovered this beauty! They call it Rainbow Highlighter, and I’ve seen a bunch of bloggers using one like this so I just needed to add it to my list! I need this! I really need this! Also chose an eye shadow palette with some neutral tones, although it looks a bit shimmery I think the gold and black smoky look would fit the date perfectly!Outfits Soft Mineral Rainbow Palette Highlighting Shimmer Powder  Find this HERE!Chic FOCALLURE Palette Natural Eye Makeup Light Ten Colors Eye Shadow

Find this HERE!


A Little Something Extra

Just because of the date I decided to ad a little extra something to this wishlist, again, from the Best Valentine Gift 2018 page. Whilst looking for the perfect outfit I found this lovely pillow case! I just happen to really like that saying “All we need is Love” so I really engaged with this one and couldn’t leave out of my list because it’s something I’d totally buy for my house! (one day, one day…)

Shop Fashion Kitten Lovers Pattern Square Shape Flax Pillowcase (Without Pillow Inner)

Find this HERE!

An that is it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comment section if you’re already thinking and planning on your Valentine’s Day Outfit! I myself haven’t gave a lot of thought on that but I might celebrate it earlier this year! Because of my work… But we’ll see! Don’t worry! I’ll make sure I do an OOTD on that day! I miss those actually!

Well, enough for today, I’ll be back soon! In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

Ohh, and use the code LOVE14 for 14% discount at Rosegal!

xoxo, Passion Fruit


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