Story Time | Reilliza

Story Time | Reilliza

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Welcome to the new series! I’m not gonna elongate to much but I want to give you a little heads up on what this is all about! Very simple actually, on Story Time I will interview some fellow bloggers! I want to get to know people a bit better and their places! And I want to share that with my audience! But here is the catch! To enter this interview my gals need to tell me and the world a funny story about them! So without further ado, meet Petra! The very first to enter this game! Lets read her story! And get to know her!

My story is about my first partnership with an online store, because of my blog. I always dreamed of working in the world of blogs, but I never thought that some day my work would be recognized. When my blog was only two months old I received a proposal of a fashion store, where I could choose some itens, in the amount of 20 dollars. The funny part is that I was so excited to receive those things that I took days until I could choose something! I was so amazed that I could not decide. In the end, I made lists and search for hours and hours until I made up my mind!

Story Time | Reilliza

This is Petra Melissa! She’s 21 years old and a Communication Student!

Petra is the writer of Reilliza, and besides writing on her cute little blog she also loves to draw! I feel like we have much in common so I’m happy she’s been the first one I interviewed!

In order to get to know her tastes a bit better I asked her some random questions, let’s see what she answered!

Tell me your Favorite Song! 1-800-273-8255, Logic ft Alessia Cara, Khalid

Your Favorite Book? The Secret by Rhronda Byrne

Favorite Food? Ice cream with french fries (I know it’s weird)

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Cold Seasons or Hot Seasons? Cold Seasons

Hand Write or Computer Type? Hand Write

Could you define your Fashion Style in Two Words? Edgy and different

Story Time | Reilliza
After getting to know her a bit more it’s time to introduce her blogging career! So I made her some questions about her journey and the future she dreams ahead! Lets find out what she had to say!
When did you start blogging and why?
I started my blog in August of 2017 because I wanted to share my outfits and photography ideas.
What’s your main focus/content? Has it always been this?
My main focus is photography and outfit ideas, but I talk about other things to.
What can people expect when going to visit you blog?
They can expect to find a place were I try to share my vision about things and where I try to inspire people to be creative either through their clothes or their photos.
Did you know what blogging was or did you figured it out as you went by?
I follow many bloggers since I was little, but I have to admite that it’s harder than it looks.
Did you have any goals when you started blogging? Have you accomplished them so far? 
My main goal was to build a community with people that are positive and share their opinions about the things that I post. I also would love to work with more brands and stores that I like, but it’s something I hope to achieve in the future.
What’s your favorite social media platform and why?
Instagram is my favorite social media off all time, it’s were I can find inspiration for many things and I love that the focus is all in sharing photos and inspiring people.
What has been your favorite experience about blogging so far?
To discover that many people like the same things that I like, but also have the same problems that I have. For example, the world of blogs has introduced me to people who, like me, suffer from panic attacks and have the same difficulties as me, but it’s okay because we’re together.
Where do you see blogging taking you in the future? What are your main goals?.
I would LOVE working only with my blog and giving my family a better life.
What/who has been or is your inspiration when blogging?
Michelle Phan was my inspiration, because she came from nothing and managed to build an empire.
If you could pick two words to sum up your blogging journey what would they be?
Challenging and Emotional.
If you could leave one advice for people who are just starting or trying to find the courage to start, what would it be?
What made me slow to create my blog was the fear of what people were going to say, but one day I though that the fear of never giving everything to try and realize a dream was bigger than the fear of opinions that are no more than opinions. Have 10 seconds of courage and do what you love, you will not regret it.
Story Time | Reilliza

I must say I loved reading her interview, as I said before, I feel like we have much in common and I most sincerely hope we can become blogging friends! Because that’s whats blogging is all about, getting to know your fellow workers and create relationships! Girl, let me tell you I’m very inspired by your words and I wish you the best of luck in this troubled but rewarding journey!

To finish up I’ll leave her links down bellow so you can follow this beauty in every social platform you can! I already did it so you better do it as well!

And that is it for today fellas! I’ll be back soon! Ohh, almost forgot! I’ll be featuring two bloggers per month on this new series! Every other week that’ll be an interview! If you want your way in, just email me! Lets talk! Lets collab!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable! And follow Petra!

xoxo, PassionFruit

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