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Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! I myself had a pretty tiring one to culminate a pretty tiring week… Before getting started with this post I wanna say this was supposed to come up last friday. But because I had a little misadventure I wasn’t able to finish it up in time… But here I am today! Better late than ever right?

So as you might have noticed from the title, I here to present you to a new store – SHEIN! Another one, with one more cute wishlist! I’m back at the first wishlist form so this is going to be a put together outfit wishlist! Also, as I was wandering on their website I noticed this banner they had and though – why not include this idea? So this is not gonna be only a put together outfit, no! Not only a wishlist, no! This will also be a trend alert! So I tried to form a look with some trendy pieces! Some wardrobe must haves!

And you already know the deal! Enough with the chit chat, let’s get to business! Hit that Read More button and come see my choices as must haves for this winter!


So, for the upper part of this outfit I chose two items I consider a must this season! First of all a see through bodysuit with trumpet sleeves! What I love the most about this bodysuit is that you can either wear as an interior like I did on this outfit. Or just put a cute lace bralette underneath and use it as the top layer of a party look! And it has two trends for this winter, see through although it’s cold, and trumpet sleeves! God knows I love a cute pair of trumpet sleeves!

As I said, I chose the bodysuit as an interior and to go along with it and cover a bit of the skin for the cold winter I found a cropped sweater! I feel like because the trumpet sleeves are enormous they’ll look super cute coming out of the sweater covering the hands! The bodysuit also has a tiny turtle neck that will fit perfectly fine on the sweater collar! I chose a crop one in order to let it out of the bottom so you can see the bodysuit underneath as you walk on by. Notice that sweaters are one more must have this season, more than ever this winter is sweater weather!

Shein WishList - Trumpet Sleeve See Through Bodysuit with Turtle Neck

Find this HERE!

Shein WishList - Cropped Sweater

Find this HERE!


To go with the flow of the must haves, and to match the sweater, I brought you a must have color for the bottom! I picked a nice short, high waist mustard yellow skirt! This is the color to use and abuse this winter! It’s absolutely adorable and fits almost if not all skin tones! You can’t ever go wrong with mustard yellow this winter! Either on your skirt, your top, your blouse, or your feet! I’m already making sure I fill my wardrobe with it! Not just because it is trendy, but mostly because I love it! Also, the material on this skirt is something much used in clothing at the moment! So when in doubt, choose suede! It’s been very popular on skirts, dresses, jackets and boots!

Shein WishList - High Waist Short Suede Studded Skirt in Yellow Mustard

Find this HERE!



Because it’s winter I chose a pair of tights that go along with the sweater. Besides being black they have a stripe in the front middle that fits perfectly with the one on the top! Also, introducing the most must have item for this winter, I had to pick some high knee boots! This is the most wanted and most used item this entire season! The frenzy with this sort of boots started this autumn with the suede ones. People were using it and posting all over the internet adorable pictures wearing only some really high boots with a short dress or skirt! The trend survived and stuck to winter with new materials coming along to resist rain and snow! I already bought my own!

Shein WishList - Black Striped Tights

Find this HERE!

Shein WishList - High Knee Black Suede Boots

Find this HERE!


To finalize I chose two more items! A yellow cross body bag to match the skirt with a black handle to match the boots! Because shoes must always match the bag! And the last trendy must have item for this season – a beanie! If god knows I love a pair of trumpet sleeves, he also knows I’m the biggest fan of beanies! I mean, if you read my December Favs you’ll also know I’m crazy with beanies! And if you follow me on IG you’ll know I just bought a new one! Lets face it, it’s just the thing to have every winter! But this year brands are coming up with new textures, new designs, new approaches that made beanies a must have! I feel like even if you weren’t a beanie person before, you’ll be one this year! I chose one of my absolute favorites this season to sum up the look, a plain black one with two pompoms that look like hears! I have one like this, obviously!

Shein WishList - Yellow Mustard Cross Body Bag

Find this HERE!

Shein WishList - Black Beanie with Pompom Hears

Find this HERE!

The Sum Up

To finish up lets do a little recap on the six must haves I mentioned!

  • A Bodysuit
  • Something with Trumpet Sleeves
  • A Sweater or lots of them
  • Something Mustard Yellow
  • A Pair of High Knee Boots
  • A Beanie

I hope you enjoyed this look and this tips, don’t forget to click the links and visit the store! They’re on sale! And have a bunch of promo codes you can use to enjoy your shopping! I will see you soon!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, PassionFruit

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