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Hello Fellas! How you doin? Everything alright since yesterday? That’s right, I said it on yesterday’s post and I intend to keep my saying – I’ll post everyday this week, and hopefully this month! And there’s a simple explanation for that – It’s Our Birthday! That’s right, this month, more precisely on the 12th I believe, it’s Cronics of a Passion Fruit Bday! And I couldn’t be more excited about it! The first year was kind of rough, putting all of this up, I thought about quitting several times… But I kept it together and stood online for one more year. This month we celebrate our second anniversary and god knows how things changed around here! But I’ll leave the year recap for a special birthday post! There’ll be a lot of material coming out this month! Expect new partnerships, new adds, new categories and old categories!

Expect More Fashion! More Beauty! More Personal! Expect the Unexpected! With that said, lets get to business and get on with this late December Favs! You know the deal, click that Read More button and ride along my top 5! Also, I thought about doing my favorites of all 2017, but I’m more of a monthly girl so… Hope you enjoy it!

Number 1 . Ed Sheeran and its Perfect song

Okay, there’s not much to say about this, I’ve heard all the versions that exist of this song and I get to love it more and more as I hear it more! I don’t know what it is with this guy, I just instantly want to jump on tour with him every time I listen to one of his songs! His songs are Perfect and this one especially has that little something… I don’t know what to call it, it’s the sound of it, the lyrics, everything about it is awesome. And I must say, what a great choice of name!

December Favs | Beanie Maniac - Ed Sheeran's Perfect Song


Number 2 . Wool Knitted Jumpers

Fellas, common, if you follow me on IG (if you don’t, what are you waiting for!) you know I’ve obsessed with these last year, and the year before, and before… But this winter, OMG I went overboard! I gave away some of my cozy jumpers to the victims of the fires and decided to get some new for me. The problem is, I ended up buying more than I gave away… Ups! And, like if that wasn’t enough, I might get some sent to my mail box from a collaboration I did last year (sounds like ages ago)! So, long story short, I own too many wool jumpers but still haven’t manage to get one of each color I want!

Check some of my collection, and let me tell you, some of them (the blue on the picture for example) are hand made guys! Bought it on a local market!

December Favs | Beanie Maniac - Wool Knitted Jumpers


Number 3 . Beanies, Beanies Everywhere

Well, what better to go with the sweater weather wool knitted jumper vibe than a cool collection of beanies! They are so cozy and so warm and so cute! I bought some last year, reinvented them for this winter adding some pompons and got some new ones! I’m still missing one mustard yellow but can’t seem to find a proper one! My absolute favorite is the black one with two white pompons. I bought the beanie basic, saw Zoella’s one, decided to get some pompons and make one my own. The result was quite satisfactory, I’m in love!

December Favs | Beanie Maniac


Number 4 . Black H&M Jeans

If you saw yesterday’s post you met one of my favorite quotes “Black is my Happy Color” and to go along with that I also have that one “there’s no such thing as too much black”. I solemnly live by those, I really love black, and it is kind of my everyday to go color. If I gave twenty dresses on my closet, ten are black (btw I own more)… If I have ten jackets, eight are black… These are my stats.. Meaning, for every two to three pairs of colored jeans I have, I might own one black. From ripped jeans to classic pants and some more loose ones I got them all.

But because I use them a lot I needed to buy a new pair of super skinny’s so I went to H&M and found a bargain! I feel like H&M it’s the best place to find suitable bottoms for affordable prices! This costed me 9,99€ and make my body look so in shape! Love them!

December Favs | Beanie Maniac - H&M Skinny Jeans


Number 5 . Food Paradise with Piccolo Mondo

I’m getting used to this thing of using the last topic of the list for food because every month I’ve been going for at least two different places to grab something to eat! And I always try to visit new places so I can talk to you about them! I thought about resurrecting the “On the Table with” category, but I always end up putting food on the monthly favorites so… I’ll have to give that another thought… But about Piccolo Mondo, it’s an Italian Restaurant in Guimarães. This wasn’t my first time there, but was a very special occasion so I photographed it! I’ll leave you with my plate and the Facebook Page so you can follow them! If you ever come to Guimarães and get the chance, go on and try it, it’s GREAT!

December Favs | Beanie Maniac - Piccolo Mondo, Italian Food


Alright guys, that’s it for today and for this past month favorites! I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed it!

It the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

xoxo, PassionFruit

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