What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas - Christmas'17

Hello Fellas! How you doin? How excite are you for what’s coming up? That’s right! Three days from now we’ll be celebrating a new year! And there’ll be surprises here! OMG I am excited! Honestly, I wanna make 2018 count as THE year I changed my life! But I’ll leave that to another post… Today I wanna talk to you about an idea I saw on another fellow blogger! I don’t think I’ve ever done this, but I decided to share with you my Christmas presents! The plan was to post my December Favs today, but I’ll leave that to next week!

Also, I just wanna say I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, filled with love! I hope you enjoyed every tiny moment with those you love and those who love you! Because that’s what Christmas is about, Love! I feel like even tho it’s winter and cold outside, this is the warmest season of the year! But enough with chit chat, lets get to business! Still on a sentimental note, Imma show you what my beloved ones gave me this year! You know the deal, click that Read More button and lets do this!

Chocolate Land

I decided to start with the classics! I mean, Christmas ain’t Christmas if no one gives you a bunch of chocolates! Every year I get a  few, this one was no different! From Ferrero to Mon Chéri and a box of Nestle. I even got some Milka hearts inside a coffee mug! By the end of the day, chocolate is our best friend, he asks no questions, and always makes life sweater! And I guess I’m hocked up for quite a few time!

What I Got For Christmas - Chocolate Land

Fashion Bits

Obviously, me being a Fashion Blogger, someone had to give me some clothes! And I’m so excite about these because I got one of the items from my fall/winter wishlist! Remember? I really wanted a faux fur jumper? Got it! By the time I wrote that post I was in love with a Zara one that had mustard yellow fur. I got one from Bershka that I’m also in love, white, but the mustard yellow is there so what more could I ask for! I also got this really lovely blouse from Primark! Also mustard yellow! Jeez, my family knows me too well!

What I Got For Christmas - Bershka Faux Fur Jumper What I Got For Christmas - Bershka Faux Fur Jumper

What I Got For Christmas - Primark's Yellow Mustard Blouse What I Got For Christmas - Primark's Yellow Mustard Blouse

Beauty Bits

And because I’m also a kind of beauty blogger, obviously people had to give me something on that category! Once again I ticked off one of my wishes from the fall list – I finally got my contour palette! By the time I wrote the post I had my eye on Primark’s one, but I got a better one! That beauty was accompanied by the brush to use it, a set of eye shadows and a set of tiny/trip eye make up brushes! (I’ll now make a cute leather bag for them, already planed it).

To add up I received a box with skin care products! It contains a mud mask, a toner and a cleanser. It smells really good! I can’t wait to try it on (I’ll probably review it here as it is the first time I get in touch with this brand). Finally, I got a perfume, it’s an equivalence to one of my favorites of all time – Narciso Rodriguez.

What I Got For Christmas - Contour Palette, Eye Make Up Set

What I Got For Christmas - Skin Care

What I Got For Christmas - Perfume


I got some more things, a robe, a new sewing machine, some earrings, but I decided to post only the things hat add up to my content! As I said, By the time I wrote this post I still have some unraped presents, but if they’re worth it I will talk about them later! Don’t worry!

Finish note

To finish, I just wanna leave a tiny note about what’s coming… I can’t quite believe the year is almost at its end… How crazy is that… I think I’ll ressurect Mind Gushes or the Perks of being a Passion Fruit by the last day of the month/year, just because I feel the need to write some sentimental shit again! I’ve missed those days! But I wanna say thanks already to those who have been following me, and those who’ve helped me get here!

I will continue this project next year (I’m saying this because I though about quiting) and I sure hope 2018 brings a lot of good things! Not just for me, but especially for you! I mean, I call myself a blogger because I have an audience! The credit is all yours, not mine guys! I just write, you make things happen! So for that, a big massive Thanks!

I’ll be back soon, meanwhile, Stay Fashionable!

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xoxo, PassionFruit

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