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Hello Fellas! How you doin?! I hope everything is okay! Hope you had a lovely christmas (for those who celebrate)! And hope this week has started the best way possible! Well, for me, this week means holidays, and that also means lots of work! Last week was chaotic, this will be no different! I mean, it will be different, ’cause this week I’ll be posting! Hooray! So, for the first post of the week, and because I’m leaning a lot to the beauty part of this blog, I decided I was gonna talk to you about my experience with a certain brand! You got it from the tittle! Imma talk to you about Cien Skin Care Products!

I’ve heard so many good things about this one I had to try it out! I’ve been using it for over a month now, so I feel like I finally am able to let you know all my thoughts on it!  So, let do this! You know the deal, click that Read More button and come meet Cien with me!

As I said, I’ve heard a lot about Cien. And one of the things that caught my attention was the award they got on one of their products! I then started reading about the brand and realized it could do wonders to my skin, at least that’s what others said… I confess I was tempted to try their products multiple times, but every time I’d go to Lidl I always though “I still have my body butter full, and my face cream, I’ll leave it to another time”. Well, that another time finally came one day that Lidl decided to put the entire range at sale!

To start, I decided to pick a make up remover – mine was about to finish and I heard so much about their micellar waters, why not! But I couldn’t use the same on my eyes so I needed a special one for them – they have one, bought it! My face cream was also at its bare end, so I decided to try a new one! At the beggining I only bough day care, I then had to return later to buy night care and complete the package! Lastly, my sister had asked me to buy her a boy milk, fell in love with the smell, bought one for myself…

The thing with me and body milks, butters and whatever is – I can’t ever get enough! If you come and check my body range I probably own about ten or more different creams… Different brands, different smells, different shapes, different dispensers, I just love a good cream… So, I’ve been using this five lovely products for over a month. And I’m here to present them to you and kind of reviewing them, lets get started then!


Day and Night Cream

As I said, at first I only bought the day cream, and about a week later started noticing some changes on my face – not kidding! But my sister told me It’d be even better if I got the night cream as well, to complement the hydration. I got back to Lidl, bought it, been using it, love it! She was right, it totally makes a difference! Over a month later I can tell you I recommend it! But I’ll introduce it to you first. Cien as a wide range of face creams, whatever your age is, or your skin type, you’ll find something that suits you! I’m the type that wears make up almost every day so I needed some intense hydration treatment… Therefore I chose the Urea Cream. On their website they say it keeps the skin from loosing water, hydrating it, smoothing it and calming it.

What I have to say is I feel my skin is different since I started using these two. For starters, it is smoother! My pores are no longer irritated by the fact I cover them with foundation almost everyday… Even pimples or black spots are no longer a major problem! So yes, I recommend this! But let me tell you, it’s better if you use the both, results come faster, and I believe are better! You can find these at any Lidl store and read more about them Here for the Day Cream and Here for the Night Cream!

Cien - A Skin Kind of Love - Urea Day Cream

Cien - A Skin Kind of Love - Urea Night Cream


Micellar Water

This was also recommended by my sister, but I ended up not buying the same as her. You see, hers is just a toning micellar water and I was looking for a make up remover. She told me I’d had to buy two different things, but when I got to Lidl I discovered one micellar water that is also a make up remover! Win Win! It is for normal and mixed skin and said to clean, remove make up and smooth skin. I gave it a go and am very happy with it! I used every night, whether I’m wearing make up or not!

There are two particular things that caught my eye on this product and make me very happy! First the description – no alcohol on the composition! Secondly, the dispenser! OMG it’s the coolest and most practical thing in the entire world! I also think using it every day helped the creams I bought turning my skin smoother and fresher. I even dare to say, they’re making my skin healthier! Find all about this product HERE.

Cien - A Skin Kind of Love - Micellar Water


Eye Make Up Remover

I bought the micellar water with no alcohol, but still wanted something more specific for my eye make up. I mean, I have a cream for my eyes so I needed a make up remover. Guess what, Cien has one! Imma start by saying I love the dispenser, the same as the micellar water, so cool! Honestly, if you use it, you’ll get my excitement about it! There’s not much to say about this one other then I like it, and it doesn’t hurt my eyes. Which for me is very important since I once bough these make up wipes that burnt my eyes! You can find the product HERE.

Cien - A Skin Kind of Love - Eye Make Up Remover


Body Milk

Last but not least, one of my obsessions, body milk! I don’t know what it is, I just happen to love body creams! I own way too many… Again, I bought this one to try and because I really liked the smell of it! It’s Sweet Almonds Oil! They say it’s quite hydrating, I confirm it. My skin enjoys it a lot after bath! There’s not much I can say about this one, only that everyone should try it out. If not by other perks, just for the smell of it! Ohh, also, the dispenser, quite practical! I recon this is one of the best things about Cien’s packaging! You can find out more about the product HERE!

Cien - A Skin Kind of Love - Almond Body Milk


In a global appreciation on Cien’s products, all I have to say is Imma keep buying them! I even may replace some of my current products for Cien ones… I’ve heard they have a quite good make up range as well! Who knows what may come! Don’t worry, I’ll let you know! I’ll leave you their website here in case you wanna check their story and their blog. Also, there’s one thing I forgot to mention but consider important, even though I bought some of the items in a sort of sale, the entire range is quite cheap! I mean, for the effectiveness of it, I recon it is not expensive at all!

I guess that’s it. Let me know in the comments if you wear any of their products! As for me, I’ll be back soon with my monthly favorites! And maybe some surprises next month as this place completes two years! Not gonna give anything away for now! You need to stay tuned!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable and Be You!

See you next time,

Cheers, PassionFruit

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    Quero muito experimentar essa água micelar!!

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