Getting Christmassy with Rosegal!

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Deals

Hello Fellas! How you doin?! Hope you’ve had a lovely week! I feel like this one has gone through quite fast actually!And this mean only two things! First of all – Hello Weekend! And secondly, Christmas is closer!!!! And speaking of it, have you checked Rosegal’s Christmas deals already?! They have everything you need for this season! From home decor to fashion, you can accessorize yourself and your dinner table! And the best part is their Christmas deals 2017 page, a place where you must rush if you want to get the best items at the best prices! Honestly, you gotta hurry! Things are being sold out everyday, and deals are always different!

I know Christmas online shopping isn’t the ideal or even the first thought on someone’s head, but truth is, I tested Rosegal’s products, and trust me, it’s worth it! And don’t waste much time thinking about things, because, as I said, deals change everyday! Today 20% off, tomorrow can be more or less! If you like it, anda can’t stop thinking about it, buy it!

I confess I’m thinking on ordering some things, not entirely christmassy, but thinking about some late Christmas surprises! And because I’m not writing this post just to let you know of the deals by words, I’m obviously gonna make a Wishlist! Of things that go from the table to skin! I’m feeling really festive after checking their products so I might choose a bit too much! And without further ado, lets start this list of cool Christmas things! You know the deal, hit that Read More button and come along!

Home Decor

I got a bit lost in this category because there are so many cool and cute things! Like, things I wasn’t even expecting to see! From curtains to a proper background wallpaper! I choose some items I’d like to have at my place! As for the moment I’m still living with my parents but I recon when I get my own house I’ll most likely be a Christmas Godzilla! I absolute love this season! So warm and cozy! It feels like people get nicer, it’s the season of giving! And I’m not talking materialistic, I’m talking love wise! Am I the only one that senses that? That people get their heart warmer in December? Ohh well, enough with chit chat! Lets get to business!

Introducing the first item! There could be no Christmas dinner without a proper towel for the table! Among all, I chose this one because I felt it was the simpler one! A bit of snow flakes, bits of white christmas trees, it felt right! You can find this beauty HERE and it will cost you 16,11$

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Dinner Table Towel

To go with the theme I thought it’d would be so nice to add some cutlery storage! That’s why I chose the plane towel, because I’m adding more funny stuff to the table! This ones you can find them HERE and the package of four costs 3,40$. I find them absolutely amazing!

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Dinner Table Decorations

To add up some more festive feelings to the table, and to brighten up the pane towel, I chose a little christmas trees that come with snow, you can order it in two sizes. If it was me, I’d order both just to do something cute! They cost only 3,12$ each! I mean, what a bargain for decoration! You can find them HERE!

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Decorating Trees

Last but not leats, I chose two items to finish up the room decor! Unfortunately one of them is already out of order! I swear I saw it this morning… But as I said, things are selling out like this… But the last item is something I really need to get for myself soon as I get my own house! It’s a star master! A little lamp that when lighted up provides stars to the room! I’ll let the picture talk for itself! It’s the coolest thing ever and it only costs 5,67$! You can find it HERE!

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Star Lights

Fashion – Clothing and Accessories

This is more my hometown! I spent a lot and I mean a lot of time wandering on the website looking for things! I found so many adorable shirts, sweaters, dresses, necklaces… Literally everything you could think of, they have it! From snowman printed shirts to candy bottoms! So after hours and hours of search I downed my list to some items I consider will cover all tastes!

First item, please ignore the child, I have no kids, but when I saw this matching onesies I immediately thought on my older sister! We buy similar, if not the same, clothes a lot of times, and love to match up! And just the other day we were talking about buying some cute pajamas for this christmas! I love this ones! They cost around 16$ each, I believe prices vary with size, and you can find them HERE!

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Matching Pajamas

Now lets get dressy! And for that I chose two different items! The first one you can find it HERE for 18,80$ and it’s a more, lets say modest look! A plane top matching a christmassy bottom! The second one is for those sexy santa helpers who like to be festive! You can find it HERE for 20,86$!

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Modest Dress

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Santa's Helper Dress

And in case you just want a very festive bottom to match up with whatever, I also found this cute little skirt filled with color and snow mans! You can find it HERE and it will cost you 7,99$.

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Snow Man Skirt

If you’re more of the colder type of person and would rather wear trousers, don’t worry, Rosegal’s got your back! I also found this cute leggings with candies and mistletoe printed all over! Black to match with everything, and of course, with the other festive color scheme, white and red, mostly! You can fin them HERE for 10,27$.

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Candy Leggings

To finish up, my absolute favorite item of the season! Christmas Sweaters! I mean, aren’t they AMAZING?!?!? I loved almost the entire collection, but was able to choose only two to show you! Different styles, same theme! The first one is the classic Rudolph sweater! You can find this big re nose HERE for 17,16$. And the second one is a hooded one, also a classic snow flake print! You can find it HERE for 18$.

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Rudolph Sweater

Getting Christmassy with Rosegal - Hodded Sweater

And this is it guys! I hope you enjoyed my selection! And I promise you that is plenty way more to choose from at Rosegal’s page! So hurry up! you don’t wanna miss out on the Christmas Deals!

I will see you again soon! In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable! And enjoy the promotions!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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