Primark Make Up – Yay or Nay?!

Primark Make Up - Yay or Nay?!

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope you’re having a lovely day and a lovely week so far! It’s mid week and I’m posting for the first time! I know, I know, shame on me… I swear I’m trying to post every week… But sometimes it’s hard to conciliate everything in order to get the three weekly posts ready to upload… Plus, it has been very rainy and it’s quite hard to photograph by myself on these days! This post should have gone up this Monday but because there was a huge storm here in Portugal this Sunday I was left with no light in my house! Therefore, no computer… But enough with chit chat, lets get to business!

I decided to write this post because, although Primark is one of the most spoken stores at the moment due to their cheap prices, a lot of people still worry about products that are in direct contact with your skin! I myself take proper care of my skin, and read a lot before starting using Primark’s beauty care and make up! But I gave it a try, and let me tell you, it’s quite good! Even better than some Avon products, or even other bestsellers. And the best part, most of the time, it’s cheaper! So, globally, YAY!

But, you know the deal, the post doesn’t end here with me saying it’s good! Click that Read More button and I’ll show you some of my ultimate favorite products I’ve been using for a long time now!

The Eye Pencil

I thought I’d start with one of the first ever thing I bought in Primark! This was an impulsive purchase a few years ago. And the one that made be consider and read about other make up products. I remember perfectly being with my best friend and we needed a black eyeliner because neither of us had her own, we had left them at home! And at that time, a girl had to have her eyeliner always on her bag! Both of us are more like the pencil kind of girls than the liquid ones so we rushed to Primark. And there they were, two black pencils 1,50€! We thought ‘what a bargain’! Dividing the price, each of us payed only 0,75€ for one pencil eyeliner! We weren’t expecting much from it for that price, but it’d do for the day.

Well, let me tell you, what a surprise it was when we opened them! Probably one of the softest pencils I’ve ever tried on! Really easy to use because it sticks a quite dark color at first! I’m saying this because I more than once bought a black pencil to do my eyeliner and the first passage always looks grey instead of black! But this one, because it is so soft and humid (not sure if I can call a pencil this) it looks instantly black! Also, I usually use some eye shadow on top of the pencil eye line to give it a more natural look! Especially when I use eye shadow underneath! And again, due to its moistured feeling, the shadow sticks way better with this pencil than other I own!

I rate it a five star! I really like it! I’m afraid they don’t cost the same anymore tho…

Primark Make Up - Beauty Eye Pencil - Black


The Foundation

Here is one more product I’ve been using for a long time now! Ever since I started I used two different ones. But I only left the first one because it was discontinued… The first PS… foundation I used costed me about 2,50€ can’t quite remember the name… But they stop producing it and upgraded it! I used to like that one a lot but I’m even happier with the new one! Of course quality means money, and y current Ps… foundation cost 3,50€ – still a bargain!

It is called Flawless Face and it takes means to its name! It really gives a good coverage! And what I love the most is the accuracy of the colors! I say this because before I used to buy Avon foundation, always! And I always chose the natural tone because it’s the brighter one. Last time I ordered it, the natural shade is so god damn orange than it used to be! And I hate looking like Trump!

What I’m trying to say here is the color from Ps… foundations is quite accurate so it’s again a five star product! You have all different type of shades! They even have a brown chocolate tone! Which I love because there hasn’t been long time since only the fanciest and expensive brands were the only ones producing that shade! Also, I never had any skin problem from using it! neither acne, or redness, nothing! Still quite healthy! And, I want to believe, beautiful!

Primark Make Up - Beauty Liquid Foundation - Ps... Flawless Face


The Lipsticks

Ohh My God! The Lipsticks! My all time perdition’s! If you’ve been following me for a long time now, and you recall the Monthly Favs, you know I love my Primark Lipsticks! The Ps… collection goes a long way! You have matte lipsticks, solid and liquid, you have shinny ones, metallic, globally, one big variety to choose from! But my ultimate favorite collection is the Lustre one! I’ve said this before but Imma say it again, this lipsticks smell like heaven! I love opening them and get that fresh sweet sniff before applying! And the texture, one of the best I’ve ever experience! And trust me, I own way too many lipsticks! They’re not matte, quite the opposite, but contrarily to what people think, being moistured doesn’t mean they last less! This ones are quite soft and a bit shinny, but they last a long time!

Obviously not the same as a liquid matte that dry on your lips and sticks longer, but still, I’m quite happy with how they last! For the type of texture I’d say it’s above average even! And speaking of texture, I must tell you that this is one of the reasons I love it so much! It has some sort of velvet feeling that lasts as long as you have your lips painted! And this texture makes you feel like you have your lips in constant hydration! More good points! Overall, I totally recommend! I made my mom using them! And she’s quite picky when it comes to her lips, color wise and hydration wise! But she fell in love with the last one I bough so I got her two for her birthday and needless to say, she’s been wearing them ever since!

Primark Make Up - Beauty Lipsticks - Ps... Lustre Collection


The Pressed Powder

Last, but definitely not least, what would I do with my foundation and no pressed powder? You see, I’m the type of girl that always chooses a lighter foundation in order to properly disguise everything! And then, I get my skin tone with bronzing pearls (I’m a bit brunette, like the entire year) and pressed powder. I used to get Avon powder but one day I decided I’d try Primark’s and I stick to it! It lasts so long! And she shade is quite accurate! Overall, I rate it, again, a five star!

Primark Make Up - Beauty Pressed Powder - Ps...


So here you have it guys! I recon you realized I’m a total Yay on Primark’s make Up! I confess I was a bit skeptic the first time I used it… I mean, new store, things were so cheap I thought there had to be a down side… And I was afraid my skin was gonna pay the price I didn’t when I left the store. But no, apparently, they produce good quality make up at ever better prices! Needless to say I totally recommend! You tell me in the comments if there’s any product you’re using from there! Or if there’s anything you’d like to try!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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