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Yoins Merry Christmas

Hello Fellas! How you doin? I must say this week has been crazy hell… I’ll apologize first handed for posting only once! Hopefully next week everything will be back to normal! I’ll try and spend the entire Sunday scheduling everything! But enough with chit chat, I’ll leave that to a Perks post (not sure if spoiler alert, but…)! I am here today to present you anew store I got to know! One more online one! I mean, you probably already know about it, but I just discovered its existence this week! And you know me! Every time I find a new online store with good prices and good reviews, I always do a wishlist! And this time is no different!

But to do more than just post pictures of clothing and accessories I decided I’d spice it up a bit this time! So first of all Imma tell you a bit about the store’s history! And then, I’ll present a budget and create an entire outfit within that, something I’d totally wear! Sound good ah? So, you know the deal! Hit that Read More Button and come along!


First off all, I’ll talk a bit about the store, so Yoins was created in 2014 with one single purpose “to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price”. Their name comes from the word ‘inspiration’ because their main goal is to inspire girls around the world with their clothes! Inspire girls to create their own fashion, to be their own and to express themselves through clothing! This to me is fantastic because, being a Fashion Designer I feel like our ultimate goal is always to inspire and most important allowing people to be who they truly are! We create to others! So that they can have a voice shouting from their clothes!

Anyways! Yoins collects the best looks from catwalks and, most important, from the street fashion to create comfortable and affordable pieces of clothing! And without further ado, lets meet the store! You can take a look a Yoins clothing here! I did it myself already, and for the challenge, I gave myself a budget of 100$!



For the top part I chose three items! One Ladies Trendy Fashion Blouse, a Faux Fur Coat and a Crop Top! Let me show you!

Yoins Floral Navy Blouse

You can find this top HERE and it costs 11,95$! (Current Budget – 88,05$)

I decided I was going for a more autumnal outfit, and what a better way to do that than with a floral blouse with long sleeves! What I love the most about this one is the neck detail! Keeping it cozy and warm!

Yoins Red Crop Top

You can find this crop HERE and it costs 9,95$! (Current Budget – 78,10$)

Because I was going for a warmer look I decided I couldn’t wear the transparent blouse with nothing underneath it! So I paired it up with this Simple but Cute Woman Crop Top! Red, to match the flowers.

Yoins Faux Fur Nude Jacket

You can find this jacket HERE and it costs 17,95$! (Current Budget – 60,15$)

What a better way to finish up a look than a faux fur oversized nude jacket?!



For the bottom part of the outfit I chose a midi flared skirt! I decided I wanted to pair it up with the crop top so I choose red! A vibrant very feminine and very autumnal tone!

Yoins Red Flared Skirt

You can find this skirt HERE and it costs 13,95$! (Current Budget – 46,20$)



For this category I also choose three items! One pair of shoes, a Bracelet and some Earrings!

Yoins Lace Up Nude Shoes

You can find the shoes HERE and they cost 35,95$! (Current Budget – 10,25$)

I really loved the lace up detail, thought it go very well with the neck detail on the blouse! Also, I choose this nude tone to match the fur jacket! And I went for heels to add up some femininity that could eventually be taken by the oversized jacket. This way legs are elongated!

Yoins Red Earrings

You can find this earrings HERE and they cost 5,95$! (Current Budget – 4,30$)

Because the entire outfit it’s built up upon red I thought it’d be a good idea to have some statement earrings! Also, I matched them up with this cute bracelet!

Yoins Red Bracelet

You can find this bracelet HERE and it costs 3,95$! (Current Budget – 0,35$)

The overall outfit would look something like this…

Overall Look

There is plenty more cool stuff from where this came from! You just gotta visit their website! I hope you enjoyed the look I put together!

In the meantime, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit


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