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Hello Fellas! Welcome Back! OMG I am so excited to be back at this! How I missed posting my month favorites! Why have I even stopped?!?! I don’t even have a proper explanation for it, it just happened! But do not worry! The Favs category is back! And hopefully, it’s here to stay! I love getting to the end of the month and give you my top five all time favorite! I told you I’d be resurrecting old categories, and after the BookAholic it was about time the month got to an end! Honestly, I was thinking about this the entire November, I wanted so bad to post this lovely blush pink hearty banner! Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?

Alright, Alright! Enough with the chit chat, lets get to business! If you’ve been following me since the beggining you already know the deal, if you don’t I’ll explain! I’m gonna gather a list with five things I’m mostly obsessed with this month! As always, I start with a song, follow with three beauty and/or fashion items or products and end up with something different! It can be a book, a place, an artwork, a personality, a paper! Whatever, just something different from what I usually post about! (and yes, I know I post about books and food too, but not as consistently) So, without further ado, hit that Read More button and come meet my November Top 5!

Also, I’ve said this on my Facebook page already, this post was supposed to come out yesterday… But because my electricity company decided to shut down my entire street I lost my entire work! God knows why, the universe just wasn’t at my favor yesterday… Lost the work, almost got late to my work, oh well… But I keep my promises so I’m here with my November Favorites, hope you enjoy it! And if you don’t follow my Facebook Page yet, you should totally do it HERE!!!! (plug, plug, plug)

1. Calvin Harris ft Jessie Reyez – Hard to Love

Lets get started! As always, if you been following me for over an year, you know my first item must be the song I’m obsessing for! And this month it’s up to Calvin Harris to fill that gap! Hard to Love is one of my favorite songs ever since it came out! Honestly, if it had been September and October Favs it most definitely would have make it to the top as well! I just can’t stop listening to it! Every time I turn my computer on to work and open youtube, it’s the first song on my Favs playlist!

November Favs - Calvin Harris and Jessie Reyez - Hard to Love


2. Cien Day Cream with Urea

For some reason this month is all about beauty! So the second item on my list is something I’ve been wanting to try for so long! A lot of bloggers talked about Cien products and it was about time I got some! I must say, I surrender! I heard wonders about this and I can confirm them! I don’t want to elongate to much on this because I will post about my entire collection of Cien products (spoiler alert)! All I can say is that so far I’m really enjoying it! It keeps my skin hydrated! Protects it from the make up! And gave me back that certain glow of an healthy skin! I loved it so much I had to buy the Night Care Cream as well!

November Favs - Cien Day Cream With Urea


3. Oriflame Precision Powder Brush

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t you should HERE) you probably seen my excitement when I got this! I needed a new brush for so long but couldn’t find a good one that was also affordable! Also, I’m very picky… I don’t like brushes that are too long, in a way that their bristles start to get loose with minor use. Neither I like a brush that’s too small, somehow I end up hurting myself… But this one, oh this brush is impeccable! Is just the right size, and the bristles are the softest thing ever! I absolutely love it and recommend it! And its name is just on point, although it looks like it’s not doing anything at all, the fact the bristles are so soft leads to a better application of the powders!

Also, is costed about 3,95€ or 4,95€, a perfect bargain! You can buy it through an Oriflame seller or directly from the website (not entirely sure about this but…). Find it HERE!

November Favs - Precision Powder Brush by Oriflame


4. Primark Lustre Lipstick

It isn’t the first time I post about Primark’s beauty products, and again (spoiler alert) I’m not gonna elongate much because I have a post planed to talk about Primark’s make up! I feel like a lot of people are scared of using it but I guarantee you I’ve been using a lot of their things and I’m quite healthy! So, about this time last year I bought my first lipstick from their Lustre collection and it was my favorite the entire fall/winter! This year was no exception! If last year I was trending with a purple shade, this time I choose a brown shade! It’s called Brownie and it’s a sort of chocolate brown! I really like this lipstick because it is very soft! It feels like your lips are in constant hydration because it leaves a sort of velvet touch!

Also, it’s smells so good! Totally recommend! I bet I’ll be buying more, I got my eye on a bordeaux one, we’ll see! And, it is another bargain! It costed me 1,30€!

November Favs - Primark Lustre Brownie Lipstick


5. Bira dos Namorados

Last, but definetely not least! The different item! This time, it’s up to a restaurant to fill the gap! I had to have this tittle in potuguese because this is such a portuguese thing! Here in Portugal we have this valentine’s tradition we call Valentine’s Handkerchiefs, where sayings are embroided to the beloved ones it a popular portuguese! It’s a nothern thing, and that’s why I relate so much! So what happened here was that two sweat hearts decided to open a place based on this tradition. Apparently the girl is an ultimate lover of it. So they planned everything, from the plates to the tables, all the place is entirely decorated according to the Valentine’s Handkerchiefs!

About the food…

It is a traditional, artisan burger place! That I totally recommend! For starters I had Mushrooms with Cheese, best mushrooms I had in my life! Cutest plate I’ve ever seen! Next the burger, I choose a chicken one, me and my love for white meat! It was accompanied with a salad and fries, normal potatoes and sweet potatoes. Again, for the first time in my life, I ate the sweet potatoes! I’ve tried them so many times, but I happen to never enjoy the way they’re cooked, this time was a win win situation!

And to end perfectly, the dessert! They have way too many good things on the list it get hard to choose! And each week they have a special one, dedicated to the season or some festivity. November it’s the chestnut season here so they had this dessert with white chocolate mousse, chestnut core and honey. I’ve never tried white chocolate mousse so I decided to go for it and let me tell you, what a choice! I know it sounds like I’m advertising for them, but honestly, it felt like heaven on my mouth!


I rate this place a ten out of ten! You know what I loved the most? The fact it felt like home! I love eating in cozy places that remind me family quality time, and this is one of those places! The rock wall filled with costumers messages reminded me of my grandparents house! It was like dinner out, but in, if you know what I mean! Once again I totally recommend! Also, they have this inside gift shop that’s the cutest thing ever! They sell all type of Valentine’s merch, from the typical handkerchiefs, to plates and other home things! They also have some really cool music boxes! And because it’s Christmas time, snow globes and music carousels! I loved it!

Imma leave you the links so you can check them out! Facebook Page and Website

November Favs - Bira dos Namorados - Hamburgueria Artesanal


And this is it fellas, I’m back with the fav category and I hope you enjoyed it! I just wanna say and salient I was not paid by any form for this post and this is in no way an advertisement! With that said, although this was all about beauty this month, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

See you next time, Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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