Winter Trends | Fur and Oversizing

Hello Fellas! How you doin? Hope everything is alright! Hope you’ve enjoyed this weekend the best way possible! And what a better way to start this week than with some knowledge on whats coming up in a couple of weeks? That’s right! Winter is about to hit (honestly I feel like it’s winter already) and I decided to bring you some tips on the trends to be! It’s been a while since my latest trends post! I know I was supposed to post yesterday,but because this week there is a holiday in Portugal (this Friday) I decided to post today and Thursday, so that I could enjoy my prolonged weekend! So without further ado, you know what to do! Hit that Read More Button and come find colors, sizing’s and shapes that will be trending on the streets!

Alright! Alright! First things first, lets talk about color! Imma show you a palette that is this winter thing! But I must say up front that from all this color, the ones that will be most used are Red! and Brown! All types of red, all types of brown, mixing up with some mid tones such as orange. Obviously neutrals are the classics that never die, beige, blush pink – this one is more like the transition from fall but super trendy! Blues and Greens are also a thing! Just because they’re more cold colors that simply match winter landscapes! I’ll now present you some must haves for this winter and let pictures talk for themselves. Enjoy!

Still About Color and Introducing First Two Trends

As the tittle suggests, I’ll still talk about color! As I said before, Red and Brown are the colors you gotta have on your closet – Mandatory! And you can wear them on accessories, tops, bottoms, or go all in and wear a full color block outfit! Here are some pictures on how to style some pieces that are very important this winter! And this pictures lead me to the two most trendy items this season! Oversized sweaters! and Long Jackets!

Red, Winter Trends

Winter, Trench Coat, Brown

Oversizing is the Way

This is a trend that comes from summer through out all fall, landing perfectly in winter! Remember those oversized tees from summer? Long kimonos? Well, that trend gave place to oversized coats during fall and now it time to hit Sweater Weather! The “oversize” can come either on the sleeves, or the torso, or even the entire sweater! You can also find it on jackets! T-shirts! Pretty much every item on your closet can come in a bigger size! Can and Must!

Oversized Sweaters


Long Parkas and Trench Coats

And if sweaters are oversized, coats ar long sized! This season is all about length! The bigger the jacket, the better! And this ones come in all colors and shapes! You can either go for a full oversized look or get that fitted waist! When it comes to colors, it ain’t hard to choose! Eight or eighty! Either you choose pastel neutrals such as Beige, Grey and Blush Pink! Or go all about dark tones such as Moss Green, Navy Blue or Chocolate Brown!

Trench Coats


Faux Fur

Another big trend that as survived through ages is Fury Items! This season, if you wanna be fashionable you gotta have some Faux Fur on your closet! One thing I really like is the fact that we’re giving attention to animals! So this year is all about synthetic fur instead of real one! And the trend as gone pass by the coats! This year you can find it on more contemporary accessories (image 3), clutches, shoes, sandals, shirts, sweaters… Literally everything you can think of getting out of your closet can be made with fur! One more thing I’d like to salient about this trend is something that was quite summery and got developed to fit the colder season – Mules! As you can see on the last picture, you just add some fur and a waterproof outside material and there you have it! Mules for Winter!

Faux Fur


Tracksuits, from the Gym to the Streets

I’ve posted an article a few months ago that was called From the Gym to the Streets (find it here), that talked about the fact that gym equipment ,mostly sneakers, were being used a lot in the streets. Because of that companies started making street wear collections with the same materials and techniques they used on gym wear. Well, needless to say that trend got catchy! And upraised form the feet do the entire body! So this season it is trendy to come to the streets wearing tracking suits! Actually, brands are manufacturing high performance workout apparel that are imperative and bold to create street fashion statements!


I hope you enjoyed this little tips! And I promise I’ll bring you more trends along the way! Also, let me know if you’d like to know my wardrobe vision on this winter trends! I can tell you I already succumbed to some of this!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit


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  1. Quero muitooooooo uma camisola de lã vermelha!

    • I know right! Camisolas de lã são a melhor coisa que podemos ter no armário! E o melhor é que nunca passam de moda! xoxo <3

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