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Hello Fellas! I am officially resurrecting old categories here! And I am so excited with that! I brought back the OOTD, and now, welcome Bookaholic! When this first got out the purpose was to share my readings with you! Unfortunately I only did one take of this one… I decided to bring it back now because I’ve been across some good books lately! And I felt the need to talk you through them! So here I am! I also decided to change the look on the banner, I’m professionalizing things a little bit! And I feel like I need to give away a bit from the cover! Without further ado, lets do this! You know the deal, hit that Read More button and discover some of my favorite pages!

First things first, I read this book in Portuguese! It was a gift, but I admit, I’d love to have read it in English! Just because I feel like some things are lost in translation… Still, I absolutely recommend everyone to read it! But look out, this is a very powerful and strong book! I feel like the author give us a perspective of things that transport us to her livings and makes us feel how she felt! For those who haven’t yet heard about Milk and Honey this is one of the 2017 literature sensations! I’ve heard so many people talking about it after I got it, I literally just had to read it all at once!

This is a poetry book by Rupi Kaur, an Indian artist, writer and contemporary feminist! There’s not much about her on the book, like biography wise, so I googled her and discovered she is only 25 years old! I’m impressed with how much a woman with her age has gone through her life and after reading the book I totally understand her contemporary position on feminism. Also, she lives in Toronto now, and is mostly known by the poems she posts on Instagram. It reminds me of Atticus but with a personal hurtful sensation attached.

So, about her, the book says her mom gave her a brush when she was young and that’s how it started, she learned how to express her heart through her art! She talks about her life journey with words put together in poems and enhanced with her very own illustrations – this is milk and honey! And what a life journey she has! Growing up she had to face very traumatic situations, such as rape, hate, bullying, some sort of love that is out of paradigms… And she took this all in and put it into words… She actually says right in the beggining of the book that one day her heart woke her up crying at night and she told him he needed help and the answer was “write the book”. And so she did!

Milk and Honey is divided in four different parts called, respectively in order, the pain, the love, the separation and the cure! Honestly, I’m not gonna give away much about it because I really want you guys to read it and feel it! All I can say is I loved it, and it is so much worth it! Again, it is very strong, she has a way of writing things that puts us in her place. Almost like if we were watching what’s happening with her in one minute and in the next word it is happening with us! For this type of writing is worth spending money! I’m gonna leave you with some pictures of my favorites, although they’re in Portuguese and not all of you will be able to read but… Ohh well, I need to do it!

Ohh, almost forgot! I Absolutely Love the fact the book is Black!

Hope you enjoyed this! Again, I’m really happy to bring this category back! I’m currently reading Dan Brown’s new book so I’ll definitely keep on going with bookaholic!

Meanwhile, Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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