Christmas Sweaters with Simple Dress

Hello Fellas! Can you believe it! It’s that time of the year again! My absolute favorite season to be in and to plan! It’s officially Christmas Time! And I am so excited! This year I started planning it a bit too early, and my mom told me I could only think about Christmas after mid November… Well, I declare the season open! If I could, I’d be putting up my tree already! But because I live in my moms house I’ll probably just set something up on my room! I will show you, son’t worry!

But this is not What I’m here to talk to you about! Those who know me know I’m very festive during Christmas time, and one of my absolute favorite things to have is an Ugly Christmas Sweater! Also, got no idea why they call it ugly, they’re quite cute, but it’s a termination, dunno, makes no sense to me… Anyways! I’ve been searching and, as always,  I found this store online that has some really cute sweaters! At some really cute prices! considering what I’ve been paying for mine and my sisters’. So, you know the deal, click that Read More button and come meet the store!

First Things first, let me tell you the name of the store! As you might know since I’ve become a more active blogger I’ve been across some new stores I did not know about, and this is one more good example of one. Meet Simple Dress, an online store that sells especially dresses for all occasions, from prom to wedding, and, obviously, all type of women clothing! As I said before, this post is about Christmas so I’ve been more focused on searching through their ugly sweaters for women than the rest of it. But I must say the entire site items look like very good quality items!

I’m not gonna elongate myself too much, I’m gonna let you see for yourselves! So get ready, because here it comes one more wishlist! From all available I chose four sweaters! The cutest, the fluffiest, the most christmassy I found! Needless to say I’d love to have’em all! I might have to stick to only one tho! Okay now I want to buy my Christmas sweater so bad! Take a look at my choices!

First choice is this red one with the snowman! Nothing says Christmas better than a red sweater! It costs 26.99$ and you can find it HERE!

Second choice, Rudolph and Mistletoe! Looks so warm and cozy, perfect to be by the fire! It costs 27.99$ and you can find it HERE!

Third choice, Rudolph again! Okay, honestly, afters Santa, he’s the Christmas face! On a red snowy sweater this time! Also, a more fitted look that costs 28.99$ and that you can find HERE!

Last, but not least! The fourth choice is an icon! A simple blue sweater with a big Christmas Tree on it! Classic! It costs 27.99$ and you can find it HERE!

That’s it for today! I promise I’ll bring you along when I decide to do my Christmas shopping and decoration! I have a feeling it won’t take long to start! (ahahhaa)

Meanwhile, Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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