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Hello Fellas! Here I am, once again, to talk to you about a new store I discovered online! You’ve probably already heard of it, but if you didn’t, meet Sassy My Prom! An online store that sells all you need for your prom or a big event, like a wedding! Either you are a guest or even the bride! Here you can find everything from dresses, to veils, to all kind of accessories, even make up! Well, if you know me, you know the best way I have to present to you a new store is by giving you a wishlist! So here it comes! I wandered on the website for a couple of hours maybe and ended up choosing a couple of things to complete a look! As Always, I went for affordable items! There you can go from 99$ for a dress, to 300$! Accessories are less… I am not having a prom night any time soon or ever actually as I’m already graduated, but I tough it’d be nice to put together some choices for girls who are having one! Therefore I decided I was going for to distinguished looks! One short style and a long style, to fit every body’s tastes! But enough of chit chat, lets get to business! You know the deal, click the Read More button and lets put together an outfit!

Short Look

The hardest pick was obviously the dress, as I was trying to capture tastes and sizes… So I chose a piece that looks good on every body shape! A tule gown with a fitted waist, perfect for a princess kind of night! This will look great on you either you’re too skinny or a well suited woman!

Find it HERE for 138$

Next on its time to accessorize! I always dreamed of wearing a tiara so for this look I though it’s be nice to add one since is more of s princess look! I also paired it with a bracelet with some blue details to go with the butterflies on the dress and a matching necklace!

Find it HERE for 21$

Find it HERE for 15$

Find it HERE for 21$

Long Look

Again, hard choice for the dress part! Because the short version was a complete dress, I searched for two-piece prom dresses for the long look. Just because they’re very fashionable and easy wear! I ended up chosing a classic Black Gown, that, again, would fit every type of body shape! I actually found this on the plus size prom dresses section!

I also went for a tiara with this one, a more simple one to go with the lace apliques. And combined it with a pearl necklace and a pearled bracelet!

Find it HERE for 23$

Find it HERE for 11$

Find it HERE for 28$

And I guess that’s it! Hope ya’ll enjoy it! I’ll try and be back soon!

Meanwhile, Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit




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