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Hello fellas! Welcome back to my place! I’m not gonna tell you how sad I am to be absent again, I’ll leave that to another post (maybe)… Instead, I am going to share with you one of my latest collaborations, I might even say, one of my best so far! So, I was wandering on facebook, checking my feed and a pop up turned saying “Are you a photography lover? Try our album!”. Needless to say I instantly clicked on the add and filled up a form, couple of hours later got an email saying I was accepted to try out the products for Saal Digital! This is a company specialized in photography products, such as digital albums, posters, fine art, decoration boards, almost all you can think of doing when printing a photo, they can do it! I was very happy to be accepted and immediately decided I was going to do a present for my sister, a big combo of our latest photos together (we have this amazing bond, and a matching tattoo proving it)! The email said I needed to download and install a program on my computer to be able to work and so I did! When I initiated the program, at first sight, it looked a bit confused, but five minutes in I felt like a pro! Actually, it looked a bit similar do InDesign, and I sort of had some formation on how to work with that so it got easier and easier! But trust me, you need no degree to pull a great work on Saal’s program. To know step by step what I did just click on the Read More button and I’ll present you with a guide and some pictures!

The first thing to do was to decide what type of album I wanted, that was easy, a digital one. Next thing was deciding the from cover and the middle pages material, you can go with special paper or standard, I went for mate paper, for both of them, and I’m very pleased with my choice as the extra shine from standard photo paper disappears, kind of leaving the photo cleaner. Plus, I believe the colors are more truthful to its originals when printed in mate. Also I went for a 19 x 19 size (ocd kind of problem ahaha) with a total of 26 pages. After deciding on all of this you start working on the assembly of the product and the page presented to you looks like this:

It is a quite intuitive software, super easy to use as I said before. And the best thing is it is very organized. You have your work space on the center that you can zoom in and out. Then, on the left side you have your gallery and on the right the presets – layouts, images, emojis, borders, backgrounds, a numerous of options. You can decide if you want to use their layouts and choose within a ton of them or if you want to just put things together your own way. I used theirs! I guess I already said enough about the process, so Imma talk about quality and leave you to my results. Again, I’m very thankful for having this opportunity and very pleased with the final results! As I said on IG, my sister loved it and so did I! To begin with the cover (the one on the image above) the touch is quite nice and I think the mate tone gives it a little extra something as it isn’t the standard shine. The pages are the same, very strong, great quality. In general, that’s about it what I have to say, the product is absolutely great! I highly recommend you! Ohh, I almost forgot, you are given a tracking system to know when it is delivered and the delivery is quite fast! Soon as you summit your project they start producing in one day, and a week later you have it on your home! I guess that’s it! Thank to Saal Digital again to let me try their product, it’s the best! If you wanna check here’s their Website! I’ll leave you now with some photos of my experience!

I hope you enjoyed this! I’ll try and be back soon!

Meanwhile, stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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