OOTD | First Proper Fall Look

Hello Fellas! I bet you’ve been missing my personal fashion posts so I decided to bring you back the category OOTD! Here’s the thing, imma be straight honest with you, I recently started a new work that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with fashion… I work from 2pm to 11pm, so I haven’t had much […]

Halloweeny Rosegal WishList

Hello fellas! Welcome back to my place! Today I bring you, once more, a wishlist (as you might have noticed from the start!). But this list is a bit different from the last ones! As Halloween is almost here I’ve started wandering online for costume ideas as I’m planing on going out! During my search […]

Saal Digital | Photo Memories

Hello fellas! Welcome back to my place! I’m not gonna tell you how sad I am to be absent again, I’ll leave that to another post (maybe)… Instead, I am going to share with you one of my latest collaborations, I might even say, one of my best so far! So, I was wandering on […]