Fall Wishes

Hello! Hello! Not just to you guys, but to the new season! How many of you are as happy as I am for the Autumn feelings! OMG the weather, the colors, the textures, this is probably one of the most amazing fashion wise time of the year! As you might have noticed from my last post I already got my eye up on the season must haves, and as usual I’ve been wandering around online stores to see what’s new in! I’ve been watching youtube videos and reading about autumn too much already, so I decided to pick some of my absolute favorite items I would love to own this fall! Like Zoella said on one of her latest videos, I call this season opened! Although it’s still sunny the cold is starting to notice and I confess I already changed my wardrobe a bit… I pulled out cozy sweatshirts, midi skirts and long sleeved dresses and socks are again a thing! Boots are about to get out of the furthest corner of my shoe rack! Again, using Zoe’s words, it’s time to “autumnify” my style, and nothing better then a proper wishlist! So hit the Read More button and come find out my ultimate wishes for this season!

I’m gonna start with my absolute favorite piece of this season wardrobe, over sized wool knitted sweatshirts! You can never have too many of those! They’re just lovely and so cozy! I have some already, long, short, I even own a couple of dresses but this year I’d love to get all trendy and buy a couple more just because I’m in love with two things – Faux Fur and Mustard Yellow! As I was searching through the websites of my regular stores I discovered I’m obsessed with mustard yellow… I already knew yellow was one of my favorite colors, in every shades, but this season mustard is so on and I so love it! It kind brings out a sense of warm you know as it reminds me of sunset color! And I love the sun! So lets begin with my choices.

First item on my list is this Zara Aplique Sweatshirt. I’ve seen it on store soon as the fall collection came out and I have been in love ever since! It is perfect, black and oversized and the apliques are faux fur! What more could I actually ask for! It costs 22,95€ and I might just have to pop to the nearest store to try it on! I haven’t had the courage to do so yet as I’m currently unemployed…

Next thing, and let me remember you I said I was obsessed with this, two more oversized knitted yellow mustard sweatshirts… I just can’t get enough! They come in so many sizes and shapes I cant resist! They’re both from Stradivarius and both cost 19,95€. The first one is just too cute not to have with the boat neckline kind of bringing up some summer vibes! And the second one I must admit I own a black already from last years collection that is pretty similar and it is so comfortable it almost feels like your cuddled up in bed when you’re out!  The reason why I can’t decide on which to buy is because although they’re the same color the shades are always different, can’t figure which I love the most…

And like I said, there’s no such thing as too many sweatshirts, and definitely no such thing as too many black! I probably already own about four black sweat tees but still fell in love with this one. It might seem just like a plane black shirt but the detail on the end of the sleeves makes it all! Again, faux fur rules! This is also from Zara, it costs 15,95€ and has a twin that has the aplique in pink plus a lace detail, it’s also cute, but I didn’t put it here because pink isn’t actually my thing..

Moving on to beauty I chose this Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick. I’ve been dying to buy one and I’m soo happy there is finally a Nyx shop at my city! Still not sure about the color, although I know I want a autumn look so I’m going for a brown kind of nude shade… I’ve been searching on the website and picked the Lip Lingerie Matte Liquid Lipstick collection as it has the cutest shades and also because a fellow blogger recommended it to me! This right here is the color After Hours and because I only saw online the price is 7$ which corresponds, approximately to 5,95€.

Still on beauty products, I must admit I’m a very simple person when it comes to make up, mostly because I can’t do anything special with my face. But I’ve seen so many things about contour and just bought a new set of brushes and I’m feeling very keen to buy one of these palettes and give it a try! Because I’m beginner mode I selected this one from Primark. It costs 8€ and I’ve heard it’s quite good. Also, I trust Primark’s make up as I’ve been using a lot of their products already for a long time now! This reminds me I should do some sort of make up list of what I use, but lets leave it for another time!


Lets accessorize now! For those who know me it’s no secret I’ve been wanting a plane black backpack for a long time now. The problem is I never seem to find something that is simple but just enough edgy without compromising the plane black part. This autumn finally I came across multiple choices on Stradivarius, I chose this one as my favorite, but then again, I might pop to the store to try it on and only then I can proper say it’s the best suited for me. I appreciate comfort way too much, mostly when I’m talking about my back and spine. Also, this costs 17,95€

Last, but not least, lets talk about feet! As I said before, I praise comfort a lot when it comes to my spine, and also when it comes to my feet! You’re probably thinking, if that’s the case then you should not wear high heels. True! But I can’t resist! Specially this season, because I’m a big lover of closed toe shoes. I fell in love with a pair of boots by the sales time this summer, but typical Zara, couldn’t find my size anywhere! So, typical me, I know fell in love with a new pair from the new collection. Needless to say I’m not buying this unless I win some sort of prize because they cost bloody 79,95€! I know they’re good quality, but still can’t afford to spend this amount of money with a pair of boots. My family and my boyfriend would probably kill me ahaha I said this once, and I’ll keep on saying it, if I was a compulsive shopper, Zara would take me to bankruptcy… Last time I fell in love with Zara’s shoes I ended up spending 60€ in a pair of black leather ankle booties. Still love them, still wear them!

Alright, that’s it for this fall wishes! I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments what are your wishes for this season! See you next time!

Cheers, Cláudia the PassionFruit

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