OOTD | Farewell Summer

Because the summer is almost at its end I decided to put together an outfit that is the best thing for those times when you have to leave the house on a sunny day but you’re not quite sure what you’re up to… So you can either end on a picnic by the ocean, drinking cocktails at a sunset or, ultimately, go for a river swim! Therefore, and having no concrete plans, I picked up one of my swimsuits – I chose this green one because it’s the one that looks more like a top! I paired it up with extreme high waist shorts – went for my favs at the moment, this stripy ones as I’m obsessed with navy looks for this summer! Lastly chose to wear a bandanna to keep my hair out of my eyes, picked my sunglasses and my fav sneakers! And voila! A cool casual look that can be used in every situation you can think of! Summer wise obvs! What I love the most about this outfit is the fact that all I need to do is take off my shorts and I’m ready for sunbath!

If you wanna see the rest of the photos and the stores where I bought all of this just click the Read More button!

Swimsuit _ Primark
Shorts _ Zara
Sunglasses _ Parfois
Sneakers _ Nike

I hope you enjoyed this, probably the last summer outfit… But who knows, the weather lately is so uncertain that you never know when high temperatures might hit again!

See you next time! Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, Cláudia Noversa

10 thoughts on “OOTD | Farewell Summer

  1. Os calções são lindos e são totalmente o meu estilo!!

    Passa pelo blog e deixa a tua pergunta acerca do regresso às aulas!



  2. Gostei imenso Cláudia:)
    Um beijinho


  3. oh ficou tao gira a combinacao… o fato de banho e perfeito… pena nao estar la quando la fui…



    • Obrigada! encontrar este também não foi fácil, roubei-o da mão de uma empregada antes que ela o devolvesse ao expositor, era o último que tinha na loja ahaha Um beijinho*

  4. Lovely outfit! Those shorts are just beautifull. kiss^^

  5. Esses calções são super giros e adoro o teu à vontade nas fotografias!

    A Maiazita

    • Também estou apaixonada por eles, confesso ihihh Ai obrigada! Calhou de a câmara estar simpática desta vez 😉 Um beijinho*

  6. Tão gira! O swimsuit parece lindíssimo, adoro. *-* Gostei imenso da combinação!

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