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This past couple of months have been crazy! Crazy happy and crazy hell… You know me, life as passion fruit is always at its limits, either too low or too high, there’s no in between! But problems apart, I wanna talk to you about one happy thing that has always been here with me and that I’m finally starting to grow – writing, or the be more precise – blogging. I am not yet where I wanted to be regarding this place but I’m happy to what I’ve accomplished already, and although it has been quite frustrating this last years (to build up the entire blog from scratch) I managed not to give up! As I said on my last tag I’ve become part of blogger groups and I’m very pleased to be able to help and be helped by others. Again, it’s not my first time on bloggers groups, but it’s the first time I get any sort of attention! When I’m in need, there’s always someone there to help, and obviously I always try to do the same with others, there’s no receiving without some giving! Due to this sort of interaction I had, once again, the privilege to be nominated for this tag/award and I couldn’t be happier because it feels really great to see our work appreciated by other bloggers! Therefore I wanna thank Crystal from CryssCrafts for taking the time to check my space and mostly for the love and recognition! You can check her story here, and to get to know mine a bit better just hit the Read More button!

So first of all I’m going to start by explaining to you what this award means! The Blogger Recognition Award is an award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers that recognize each others hard work and contribution to the blogosphere. This award is a way to get to know each other a bit more, creating connections and showing our support and encouragement to fellow career brothers! When nominated, the purpose is to explain a bit of our journey by answering one simple question, then adding some advice to other bloggers and lastly recognize up to fifteen blogs we consider worthy! So, lets start…

Why I Started Blogging?

Most of you probably don’t know but this is my fourth blog! I started blogging at a young age, I was about 14 and I had a google account, I used to write some things so I just decided to create a blogger account and start sharing my words. I used to have a sort of diary blog where I’d write mostly about my life and my experiences. At the beggining I was a prose writer, I had this column named “My Life Story” which was my favorite to write! At some point I started loving poetry and started writing a lot of it and posting a lot as well! But the same way I started, I ended it – very quickly! About two years gone by and I created two more blogs during that time, one that was fashion related and the other was quotes only. By the time I turned seventeen I stopped posting poetry as I decided to write a book. This diminished my posts frequency to the point I stopped posting at all! When I finally finished my book I tried to get back to the blog but it wasn’t easy, I’ve been apart for too long I lost my connection to that place. I focused on getting everything ready to launch the book thinking after that I would get back and it kind of happened but with some turns. As I said, I didn’t enjoy writing on blogger anymore and I wanted to change my subjects, I wanted to incorporate the fashion blog with the diary one but that seemed to be a mission impossible until a friend of mine proposed me something. A self hosted site, a new beggining, a new look, a new brand – I said yes! So three months before I turned 20, at a young age and still on my teens, there I was, launching my poetry book and my new website! So, firstly all I wanted was to share my journey with the world, now, besides that, I have a bigger purpose with this blog, which is helping people, not just writing random things, but try and write things that people appreciate and can take some sort of knowledge from it! I chose to write about fashion, mainly, because it’s my area of study, therefore it’s what I’m most comfortable and accurate writing about.

Advice I Have for New Bloggers?

First off all, don’t loose yourself! And with this I wanna say if you have a purpose and an idea, stick to it and make it work! I know sometimes it’s frustrating to see other people’s content being so noticed and you get that feeling you should write about the same thing because it has more views – Don’t! Everyone in this world is an individual, and everyone has something different to say so just say it! Eventually you’ll see it will pay off to stay true to yourself!

This leads me to another piece of advice, don’t ever compare yourself to others! Again, you’re an individual, you have a life of your own, and there’s no one like you living the same way you do, so  what if someone can post every single day and you can only post one day a week? Work is work, so just make it count! Collect and exchange ideas with other bloggers, help and ask for help if needed, but don’t ever compare, it’s no good for you and it’s most definitely not fair as you’re most certainly comparing with someone that is in a totally different position.

Also, don’t give up! As I said in the beggining, this last two years have been a very frustrating journey! I may have been blogging for six or seven year now but I started this site from scratch, with no followers and a dozen of views per week. If I got to hundreds of views per week now it’s because although I thought about giving up hundreds of times I never did! I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard, very hard, especially when you have other things to deal with, such as work and college, but it’s doable! You just have to stay strong and believe in you!

And one other thing, work! If you really want to succeed you have to work your ass off! I don’t consider blogging an hobby, for me it is almost like a part time job I’m taking for a long time, sometimes you get paid, sometimes you don’t, but if you want to be noticed and heard you gotta work! You have to do your research, you have to photograph, edit, write, post, keep updated, interact with your followers, make sure your site is running perfectly and this takes time and dedication. You won’t achieve nothing in this life without hard work, but as they say, work hard, play harder! It pays off!

Ohh, last but not least, just because I said something about work recognition, don’t start a blog to get paid and free things! That’s not what blogging is about, that’s just stupid. For me blogging is about putting your word out there, sharing your experiences and help others, if eventually I get something in return, that will be a bonus! For example, as I mentioned, I’ve been blogging for seven years now, and this year was the very first time I made contact with a company! My favorite recognition isn’t money or free clothing, I’d rather open my platform and have a ton of comments on my posts recognizing my work and asking for tips than having deliveries every week on my mail box.

Ok, so I might just have elongated this post a bit too much, so… without further ado, I’d like to recognize some fellow bloggers for they’re amazing work and dedication! And the Nominees are…

Ana Barbosa from De Saltos e Maquilhada 

Lis Silva from A Liliana Raquel

Celina Afonso from Only Dreamcatcher

Júlia Ferreira from Quantos Infinitos

Catarina Silva from Beleza Online

Fernando Silva from Preto e Vermelho

Ana Margarida Pereira from Até Marte e Voltar

Neuza Alexa from Azuenture

I hope you enjoyed to get to know me a bit better, and if you have any questions or need any sort of help feel free to contact me, in the comment box, on my email, through my socials, wherever you want! I’ll be pleased to help! See you next time,

Cheers, Cláudia

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