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Remember Rosegal? That online store I talked to you about that has amazing things at amazing prices? Well, they’re now with a campaign called Summer Clearence and I’m in love with some of the off the shoulder summer dresses, I mean, they’re totally in and totally cool! And of course, the prices are to die for, especially on sales! But I’m not here today to have another selection of products I want, if I was, I’d stay here too long cause I honestly can’t decide and have already about a hundred items on my shopping card to look at (not even joking tho ahahah). The reason I’m writing this today is, remember the Wishlist post? Well, dreams come true, and so do wishes! I am one lucky girl because they offered me a package with all those goodies I wanted! So if you wanna see me in the amazing products I showed you last time, just hit that Read More button!

Again, there’s a surprise at the end!

Alright, now that you hit the Read More button Imma start with the same item I started on the Wishlist post and so on, and so on. So, the first thing I got, and probably my favorite item (probably as in, I can’t decide, I love everything) is this white and baby blue lacy playsuit! I was afraid this was going to be a bit big and sheer because I ordered a Large, but when I tried it on all my fear vanished! The quality is great, the material is thin but not sheer, perfect for the summer, and the lace is accurate! The size is also perfect! And you’re probably wondering why I chose an L, easy, I’m European, and the store ain’t! So obviously measurements aren’t the same, and here’s a piece of advice, if you go shop here or in another online store, make sure you check the size chart! This is so important, all you need to know is your bust, waist and hips measures and then check on the chart to which size it corresponds. I did that, ordered an L, and I’m happy! If I went for the typical Small I’m used to it probably wouldn’t fit!

If you liked this item you can find it Here!

Another item I got, and one more to the favorites list, is another playsuit, also white and blue, kind of obsessing with this match up lately! As I said on the begging off the shoulder is the new fashion thing, so I had to order an off shoulder playsuit! With this one I wasn’t worried at all with the sheerness, and I’m very happy with the quality of the material, that’s my one concern with ordering things online… As a fashion designer I’m used to deal with fabrics and how they feel and work when in touch the skin, and I must say I’m very pleased with this store! It fits perfectly and feels great!

If you liked this item you can find it Here!

Next up it’s the green bikini! And with this one I had some worries… First off all, as always, fabric. Second of all, fitting. And why? I wasn’t preoccupied with measurements, I was preoccupied with the model. I’ve never had a bikini top like this, but as I showed you on my summer trends post, halter necks are in! I’m so used to have a bare chest I did not know how this was gonna go, but to be honest, I’m very happy with my choice! The bikini fits perfectly, the material is great – really swimwear appropriate! And modesty aside, I think I look great on it (ahahha), serously, take a look! Plus, I love the colos, green is my new black!

Unfortunately this item is no longer available I think, but you can see more bikinis Here!

Last, but not least, the accessories! As you might know I wanted some fishnets really bad, I finally got them! Black, obviously! They’re super comfy, and they have this side bow detail which I absolutely love! Also got a pair of hearings, I don’t have much to say, other than they got to my mail box in perfect state and are gorgeous!

If you liked this item you can find it Here!

If you liked this item you can find it Here!

And this is it guys! I wanna give a big, huge, thanks to Rosegal for all of this! Once again, I totally recommend this shop, if last time prices were my only argument, I know can affirm they are my ultimate one when compared to the products quality! I’m very happy with every single item, you’ll probably be seeing more pictures on my IG page make sure you go follow it! And don’t forget, when ordering online, check the size charts to make sure everything fits your body! And as for the surprise…

Do you want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it!

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See you next time!

Cheers, Cláudia

2 thoughts on “What I Got From Rosegal

  1. Mariana

    O bikini é simolesmente adorei… a cor fica te muito bem


  2. ah adorei o playsuit… e essas meias que fofinhas… eu por acaso gosto das coisas de la tambem…



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