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This is my first Tag ever so lets get personal (spoiler alert, there’ll be another one this week)! As you might know from other times I spoke to you here and in other social media I’m now part of many Facebook Blogger groups. But here’s the thing, I was part of many groups before, but this time, couple of months ago, I found two new groups that are different, groups that really pay attention to your blogger needs, groups that really care for what you say, groups filled with people that are always ready to help! And that’s where I found out about this tag and also where I got the pleasure to be nominated! Therefore, I wanna thank Cristiana Ribeiro from the blog Cristiana Lifestyle for recognizing me and my blog content as worthy of this award! Thanks girl! Now click the Read More button to know the rules, seven facts about me and also, my nominees!

First of all I present you 7 facts about me:

  • I have this craziness about triangles, they’re my absolute favorite shape and for some reason, every tattoo I make has to include some sort of triangle shape, it’s weird but I love it
  • Speaking about crazy, I also have this stupid adoration for zebras! Anything that has  a zebra print catches my eyes! My room has an entire wall decorated with zebra wallpaper, I got blankets, pillows, shirts, shoes, almost anything you can think about that can be printed, I probably have it! I don’t know where this fascination came from, I just know I have it!
  • I’m a clotheaholic! I love clothes, I’m a fashion designer so I blame it on that but truth is I love shopping and conjugate things ever since I know me as me! Some people say I own too many items, I just think I need a bigger closet!
  • Speaking of clothing, black is my favorite color although I like almost every color there is in the palette, except orange! I don’t know what it is, I just happen to kindly hate orange!
  • Before turning to fashion as my ultimate goal in the art scenario I used to be part of a dance group, stood for 5 years. What happened was I had to decide my future and so I chose to study plastic arts instead of performing arts in order to be able to get a degree. I still love dancing but am no longer part of any group, or have been exercising it for about four or five years now…
  • I also took guitar classes but dropped out… I’ve always been an artist kind of girl and absolutely loved any sort of art, from singing to writing, dancing to drawing, as I said before, I had to choose one way and I chose fashion design.
  • I’m the most impatient person you’ll probably ever know. I’m too stressed and there’s something I’m constantly working on, trying to control it, but I loose patience very easily especially with kids, which is unfortunate because I have an huge family that’s constantly growing…

Now the Rules for the next nominees:

  • First of all, you have to thank the person who nominated you, me in this case, and share his or her blog link.
  • Secondly, you have to choose up to ten bloggers and blogs, share their links and let them know you nominated them for the tag. You can and must nominate blogs of your choice.
  • Last, but not least, you have to share seven facts about yourself, and don’t forget, you must always speak the truth 😉

And the Nominees are…

Lis Silva from A Liliana Raquel

Celina Afonso from Only Dreamcatcher

Júlia Ferreira from Quantos Infinitos

Catarina Silva from Beleza Online

Fernando Silva From Preto e Vermelho

Ana Margarida Pereira from Até Marte e Voltar

I hope you enjoyed to get to know me a bit more with these random facts! Feel free to let me know some crazy facts about yourself in the comments bellow, I’ll be more than pleased to get to know you guys as well! See you next time,

Cheers, Cláudia

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