my swimwear collection '17

Ohh dear lord, thank god my computer is back! I have this post ready to upload for two weeks now! Unfortunately my computer bailed on me and I had to sent it to a doctor to be fixed and reseted, it is back and so am I! I’m so happy that none of my work was lost, and the best part is I can finally show you the second part of this year summer trends, MY VISION of it! As you must remember, on my last post I talked to you about the seven swimwear trends that have taken over this summer, and I’m proud to proclame I was able to get them all! well, almost! Some of the bikinis I’m going to show you I bought them last year, by the end of summer, so I barely used them… some of them are new! And there’s one I made myself (as you might know for my beautiful description, I’m a designer)! So lets get to business, if you wanna see my choices and how I look on this summer trends just hit that Read More! 

1 _ Triangle Bikinis

I’m going to follow the same list I did on the other summer post, and so for this basic trend I have a few items but chose to photograph the newest one. A flower top from Primark and a basic black bottom from Oysho.


2 _ Swimsuits

For this category I chose  to photograph the new ones, although I have two more of these from last summer and may have bought two more meanwhile… The first one is my creation and I haven’t wore it yet, and the green one is from Primark!


3 _ Crochet

This a very basic crochet style, the top is from Lefties and the bottoms are from Primark.


4 _ Bralette Style

I have two of these already but chose to insert the second one on the next category. I must say this is one of my favorite looks for this summer, I’m obsessing with this bikini. I bought it online, on AliExpress and it only cost me about 5€!


5 _ Off Shoulder

As I said, this is also a bralette look but I decided to insert it here because truth is, it has a braided strap that falls off shoulder. I also bought this one on AliExpress, also paid less than 5€, I’m a happy person! This is also one of my favs due to the pattern, I absolutely love the leaf pattern!

And that’s it! I didn’t manage to buy a high waist yet, I’m a bit insecure about it still so.. And I’m missing an halter neck look as well, but that won’t be for long, it has been shipped already, and hopefully it’ll arrive to my mail box this week! Can’t wait, stay tuned cause I’ll let you know all about it! I hope you enjoyed! For more make sure you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be posting more looks from this photo shoot and from my daily basis wearing this babies! Before leaving I wanna give a special thanks to my best friend Mariana Silva for putting up with me an entire afternoon and shooting all these amazing pictures and more!

See you next time,

Cheers, Cláudia

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