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The title doesn’t make proper justice as this isn’t obviously today’s outfit but it was the outfit I chose to go and visit my boyfriend at his hometown the other day! For those of you who are Portuguese and are aware of northern culture you probably know the saying “those who like come, those who love stay”, the catch phrase of Viana do Castelo, and that’s exactly where I went! My bae knows me too well and to start the day perfectly he chose to show me this perfect stop, it’s a sanctuary named after a saint – Basílica de Santa Luzia – and it has one of the most amazing views I’ve ever witnessed, I continue to say we have such great places to visit here in Portugal, I’m always amazed with such beauty! To get there we climbed 659 stairs, and let me tell, I’m used to big walks and stairs, but those are tremendously high! But, it was worth it, SOO WORTH IT! The view is amazing, the weather was even better, I loved it! Obviously I had to use that view at my advantage and so I picked up my camera handed it to my faithful company and here you have the result!

One last thing, the weather in Viana is good, not great but good, yes it was sunny, but also windy, you’ll notice I’m wearing a long sleeve dress when it was probably 30 degrees (C) but as I’m an interior girl I’m used to stuffy weather, meaning that in my hometown 30ºC feels like 40ºC and so there, 30ºC felt like 20ºC to me due to the fact it is too close to the sea, therefore more wind, more humidity, bla bla bla you get me! He doesn’t! So to see more about my outfit just click on the Read More button and come along to my improvised photo shoot!

As I said before I was wearing a long sleeve polka dot dress, what I love the most about this dress, besides the pattern obvs, is the fact it is asymmetric – SO CUTE, SO AWESOME! Also, the sleeves are quite funky, I really dig the belt vibe, and I chose black and white because if you follow me on IG and notice my hashtags you’d know black is my happy color! This dress is from Pull and Bear and because I knew I was going for a walk I paired it up with my absolutely favorite sneakers, my green loves from Nike and my most faithful backpack from Stradivarius. I believe the round sunglasses are from Primark but not sure as they are from last year…

Hope you enjoyed the photos, I’ll be back with more outfits! Stay Fashionable!

Cheers, CláudiaNoversa

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  1. Adoro as sapatilhas!

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